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从2004年开始,读写网(ReadWriteWeb)每到岁末年终都会回顾科技行业全年情况,评选出年度最具影响力的大型企业(Best BigCo)。2009年获此殊荣的是谷歌,因为它的Chrome、Android等产品获得了重大突破;2008年上榜的是苹果,因为iPhone和App Store的影响力实在不容小觑;由此往前推,2007年的赢家是Facebook,2006年是谷歌,2005年是雅虎,2004年还是谷歌。



Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg

2010年1月,Facebook活跃用户人数突破4亿,截止本文撰稿,该平台活跃用户人数已超过5亿,其中有一半以上用户每天都要登陆Facebook。平均每个用户拥有130个Facebook好友,所有用户每月挂在该网站的时间“超过7000亿分钟”。据游戏邦了解,今年11月该网站几乎占据全美综合浏览量(Page Views)的25%。




苹果在2009年也是亚军,它在2010年也有相当可圈可点的成就。其中最为瞩目的是iPad的发布,这款产品重塑了用户上网平台的定义;与此同时,苹果还推出了最新版本的iPhone,以及含多重任务处理功能的iPhone手机操作系统。虽然iPhone 4因手机天线问题而一度遭到消费者权益组织的抵制,但市场销售却依然强劲。

尽管谷歌Android Market正在奋力追赶,但苹果App Store的应用商店霸主地位仍然坚不可摧,总之,2010年仍是乔布斯的丰收年。

谷歌在过去七年中曾三次夺冠,每一年的表现都很不俗。今年谷歌最大收获当属Android手机销量超过iPhone;尽管微软的Bing强势出击搜索引擎市场,但也仍然不是Google的对手。谷歌还推出了即时搜索服务Instant Search,另外在商务办公软件(Google Apps)、网络电视(Google TV)等市场也大有作为。

与Facebook一样,Google在2010年也并非一帆风顺。据游戏邦所知,Google Wave是一个失败的社交工具,Google Buzz这个社交追踪服务产品也同样出师不利,另外Google Street View这个服务也因用户隐私问题而陷入争端。但不管怎么说,这些磕磕碰碰并不会影响谷歌的发展大局。



还有一些传统的计算机公司在互联网领域的表现也颇为出彩,比如惠普、IBM的物联网(Internet of Things)项目,芯片制造商英特尔推出的云计算,以及收购McAfee公司的举措;Salesforec.com网站的企业产品Chatter,它也是2010年度最佳企业科技产品之一。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

Best BigCo of 2010: Facebook

At the end of every year, ReadWriteWeb reviews the progress (or otherwise) of big Internet organizations and names one of them our ‘Best BigCo.’ We started this tradition in 2004, making this the 7th year. In 2009 it was Google, thanks to Chrome, Android and other advancements. In 2008 we chose Apple, due largely to the iPhone and App Store. Facebook won in 2007, Google in 2006, Yahoo! in 2005, and Google got the inaugural honor in 2004.

We first honored Facebook with Best BigCo in 2007, due to the launch that year of its development platform. Over 2010, Facebook has gone to a whole other level. It experienced astounding user growth and shut out all competition as an all-purpose social network. For this reason, Facebook is ReadWriteWeb’s Best BigCo of 2010.

Facebook passed 400 million active users in February and continued its ascent throughout the year. As at date of writing, Facebook boasts more than 500 million active users, half of whom log on to Facebook on any given day. The average user has 130 friends and, in aggregate, Facebook users spend “over 700 billion minutes per month” on the site. In November, Hitwise reported that Facebook gets nearly 25% of page views in the United States.

With such scale, Facebook hasn’t been without its controversies. The biggest in 2010 was a significant change to privacy settings, which Facebook announced right at

the end of last year. Previously, most of a user’s information was private by default. But heading into 2010, a large swath of the average Facebook user’s data was made public: name, profile photo, gender, current city, networks, friends list, and all of the pages they subscribe to. Later, in May, Facebook reluctantly reversed some of those changes – but the default setting for most content published on Facebook remains public.

Despite concerns ranging from privacy to de-emphasizing third party content, Facebook is a source of joy for many millions of people. It helps keep families and friends stay connected, enables users to track news from their social network, keeps people amused with games, and much more. In 2010, there was no other Internet company as influential as Facebook.

Runners-Up: Apple, Google

After winning Best BigCo in 2008, Apple was a runner-up last year and has been very impressive again in 2010. The launch of the iPad was the highlight – another groundbreaking consumer Internet device that re-defined a market! Apple also released a new version of the iPhone this year, along with improvements to its iPhone OS such as multi-tasking. The new phone had technical issues with the antenna, but still sold extremely well.

Apple’s App Store continued to dominate the mobile app market in 2010, although the Android marketplace is catching up. Overall, another great year for Steve Jobs and co.

Google has won our BigCo award 3 times over 7 years and never fails to impress. This year Google made great strides in the all-important mobile market, with Android making up ground on iPhone. It continued to dominate search, despite a big marketing push from Microsoft’s Bing. Google showed that it can still innovate in search, with enhancements such as Instant Search. It also made progress in key markets such as enterprise (with Google Apps) and Internet TV (with Google TV).

Things didn’t go all Google’s way this year, however. Its innovative Wave product was farmed out as an open source project, the launch of a social media tracking service called Google Buzz was a flub, and Google had many critics in the privacy debate (for Google Street View in particular). Overall though, it was a strong year for Google – albeit with some speed wobbles.

Honorable Mentions

Several big Internet companies had solid years and successful products in certain categories. Microsoft made progress with its search engine Bing and created a highly

popular new gaming system called Kinect. Amazon continued to dominate the eReader and eBook market, and Twitter established itself in the mainstream as a source of

breaking news.

Several traditional computing companies positioned themselves well on the Internet this year. HP and IBM both put resourcing behind the Internet of Things. Chip maker Intel made cloud computing a focus this year and also bought McAfee. It was a strong year too for – its enterprise collaboration product Chatter was among our Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010.(source:readwriteweb)