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Bolt Creative联合创始人总结2010年业务发展

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2009年备受瞩目的iPhone、iPod touch游戏之一就是《口袋上帝》(Pocket God),该游戏开发商Bolt Creative这个仅有两名成员的工作室,今年更是扩大了该游戏的业务发展,不但与漫画书发行商Ape Entertainment公司进行出版合作,还与ngmoco公司推出了Android版本的《口袋上帝》,并计划面向Windows Phone 7平台投放该游戏。另外,让大家期待已久的iPad版本游戏《Journey To Uranus》也终于在今年顺利发行。

Bolt Creative工作室CEO戴夫·卡斯德尔诺(Dave Castelnuovo)在日前的采访中,回顾了公司在2010年的业务运营情况,下文为访谈内容:

Pocket God

Pocket God


Unreal Engine进军iOS平台。不但大型公司采用这种游戏开发引擎制作高质量的iOS游戏,独立开发者也能以合理的价格,利用这种世界上最好的3D引擎之一开发手机游戏。

Bolt Creative今年最值得一提的大事是什么?



由Cave公司出品的《怒首领蜂大复活》(DoDonPachi Resurrection),Treasure公司开发的iOS游戏《班鸠》(Ikaruga)也很不错。


iOS平台的发展将更加成熟。苹果平台每年都在升级换代,索尼和任天堂则是不断推出新硬件产品,它们很可能被这种“X年推出一代新掌机”的旧循环圈绊住手脚 。






虽然这个问题已经有不少解决方案了,但还是有很多开发商做不到这一点。我希望苹果Game Center可以支持这种跨平台游戏功能,运行云储存游戏。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

2010 In Review: Dave Castelnuovo, Bolt Creative

One of the standout iPhone, and especially iPod touch, games of 2009, Pocket God developer Bolt Creative has been focused on building out its vision more widely in 2010.

Being a two-man studio, it’s pursued collaboration with other developers – notably ngmoco for Android and Windows Phone 7 porting – as well as comic book publisher Ape Entertainment.

The long awaited iPad version of the game Journey To Uranus also just made its release with the calendar year.

Dave Castelnuovo is Bolt Creative’s co-founder.

PocketGamer: What was the most significant event of 2010?

Dave Castelnuovo: Unreal Engine for iOS. Not only did large companies make the move to iOS in a big way, developers can now license one of the best 3D engines in the world at a reasonable price for their games.

What was the most significant event for Bolt Creative?

Launching other Pocket God licensed products. We finally made the move to Facebook, iPad, Android, and comic books. And they are all doing really well.

What was your favourite mobile game of the year?

DoDonPachi Resurrection. We need more Cave shooters! And while we’re at it, someone should get Treasure to release Ikaruga for iOS.

What do you predict will be the most important trends in 2011?

The continuing maturation of iOS as a platform. With Sony and Nintendo releasing new hardware, it will become more obvious that they will have trouble keeping up with their traditional ‘New console every X years’ cycle compared to Apple doing major updates every year.

I also think iPad will gain critical mass after this holiday season and take another huge leap once the second generation device is released.

If you could enforce one New Year’s resolution, what would it be?

I think the industry is doing pretty well. I like the fact there are many successful business models for games. Apps succeed all the way from paid 99c-$9.99 to freemium with in-app purchases to advertising-based. I would hate for the industry to focus on one model and leave the rest behind.

As a consumer however, I would like to see my save games be shared by all my devices. If I play a game on my iPhone and then later switch to my iPad, I hate that my iPad doesn’t know my current progress. This forces me to stick to one device for each game.

It seems a shame because I would ideally like to play a game on my iPad when I’m home, but then continue on my iPhone when I’m out of the house.

There are solutions for this but not a lot of developers do it. I would love for Apple to build this into Game Center and make cloud-based save games a standard.(source:pocketgamer)