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2)由Chris Jeffrey和Tom Sutton开发的知名Flash游戏《Space Is Key》日前推出了iPhone版本。该版本目前有43个关卡,玩家只需轻点屏幕就可以让移动的方块起跳,并一路躲过迎面而来的障碍物。假如方块与周围环境碰撞,它就会爆炸成为像素点,该关卡随后会立即产生一个新的方块。

Space-is-Key(from free-skill-games.blogspot)

Space-is-Key(from free-skill-games.blogspot)

《Space Is Key》植入了25项Game Center成就,以及一个全球积分排行榜,同时还支持玩家使用Twitter和Facebook与好友分享自己的成就,游戏目前售价为99美分。

3)洛杉矶社交游戏工作室Diversion日前通过谷歌Eric Schmidt的TomorrowVentures、Hearst Corporation、The Tornante Company完成了一轮融资,但没有公开具体资金数额。

除此之外,该公司还宣布与索尼电影娱乐公司达成了价值100万美元的广告合作项目,并向Facebook推出了《The A-List》这款新游戏。

Fame Town(from

Fame Town(from

Diversion在今年初曾通过The Tornante Company融资30万美元,并发布第一款游戏《Fame Town》。据AppData数据显示,该游戏目前的MAU是48万,位于Facebook游戏排行榜的第480名。




5)ABI Research最新数据预测,到2016年将有21亿部手机将支持HTML5浏览器(游戏邦注:2010年的同一数据仅为1.09亿部),这种发展趋势主要得益于苹果对HTML5平台的支持。ABI高级分析师Mark Beccue表示,他认为HTML5将迅速取代Adobe的Flash技术。



6)据Experian Hitwise数据显示,从流量来看,Google+已是位居第19名的社交网络。如果从包括YouTube、雅虎问答、Yelp等定义更广泛的社交网站和论坛这一领域来看,Google+也仍可排到第42名(游戏邦注:这里的调查信息均取自截止7月16日那一周的数据)。


social network traffic(from venturebeat)

social network traffic(from venturebeat)



7)市场调研公司Wireless Intelligence最新数据预测,到2012年5月,中国手机用户将超过10亿,美国手机用户出时将达3.03亿,中国已成为全球最大的手机市场,在上一季度的移动互联网用户已超过9亿。预计未来一年内,这一数据还会增加1亿。


中国移动运营商市场份额(from gigaom)

中国移动运营商市场份额(from gigaom)



social-travel-infographic(from tripl)

social-travel-infographic(from tripl)

1)More Malware Concerns for Android — Security firm Dasient has noted numbers concerning the growing malware problems on Android smartphones, reports Digital Trends. Of 10,000 applications studied on the platform, it was found that 8 percent transmit personal data to unauthorized parties.(source:insidemobileapps

2)Is Space Is Key the most hardcore highscore iPhone game this year?

by Jon Jordan

One of those games that’s built a strong reputation with six million plays of the Flash version, pixel jumper Space Is Key has now been released on iPhone.

Developed by Chris Jeffrey and Tom Sutton, it’s a retro-themed affair that has you tapping the screen to get a moving square to jump.

Doesn’t sound that much doesn’t it? But thanks to the level design – 43 available to-date – getting your square from one side of the screen to the other, over and through the various obstacles is no easy task.

Tap, tapping

For one thing, when the square collides with the environment, it will explode into pixels, with another square immediately triggered onto the level. Each level has a specific direction of flow – either from the right or left – with many of levels requiring multiple jumps or taps, making it akin to a rhythm action game.

Other neat touches include dynamic level elements, while there are 25 Game Center achievements and – more depressingly – global leaderboards.

Obviously as a high score game, you’re competing in terms of using up the fewest number of lives possible, although how some people have completed the game using less than 50 lives is well beyond me.

Of course, if you get a great score, you can use Twitter and Facebook to share your joy.

Space Is Key is available for iPhone, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p.(source:pocketgamer

3)Social Gaming Startup Diversion Raises Funding From Eric Schmidt, Michael Eisner, Others

Robin Wauters

Diversion, a Los Angeles-based social gaming studio backed by Shawn Fanning and Michael Eisner – who are billed as ‘founding advisors’ – has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Hearst Corporation and Eisner’s The Tornante Company.

Marcy Carsey (producer of sitcoms like The Cosby Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun and That 70’s Show) and angel investor Art Bilger also joined the round.

In addition, the fledgling company announced that it has landed a $1 million advertising deal with Sony Pictures, and that it has launched a new social game dubbed The A-List on Facebook.

Earlier this year, we reported that Diversion had raised $300,000 in seed funding from The Tornante Company, and that it had launched its first game FameTown. According to AppData, the game is currently averaging about 480,000 monthly active users, which gives it a rank of 480 on the Leaderboard (a far cry from #1, Zynga’s CityVille, which boasts more than 80 million monthly users).

The A-List, which launched on Facebook earlier this month, is a game where users star in virtual movies to gain fame, fortune, and notoriety among other industry professionals.(source:techcrunch

4)Unilever Enters Social Gaming Through FarmVille — Unilever has entered the social gaming space with its LUX brand via the Chinese version of FarmVille this week. Through the social game, they have launched a limited-edition event dubbed “LUX Fantastical Manor,” which was created by advertising agency JWT and Zynga for Unilever. The one-month event will allow users to decorate their farms with various LUX-branded beauty items.(source:insidesocialgames

5)The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast.

By Colleen Taylor

The tech industry’s movers and shakers have been saying for months now that the HTML5 is very important. New data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast.

More than 2.1 billion mobile devices will have HTML5 browsers by 2016, up from just 109 million in 2010, according to a new report by ABI Research. Much of this growth will be thanks to Apple’s massive support for the HTML5 platform, according to the study. And Apple is also likely to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the technology’s wide scale adoption. Because Apple has so much control over its software and devices, it will be most poised to take full advantage of HTML features as they emerge in the coming years.

As is often the case in business, where there’s a winner, there’s usually a loser. HTML5 could largely replace Abobe’s proprietary Flash technology. And HTML5′s swift ascent could render Flash irrelevant in short order. “I think the disappearance of Flash is closer than people think,” ABI senior analyst Mark Beccue said in a press release accompanying the data.

HTML5′s projected growth is all the more impressive considering that the actual standard is not officially expected to be completed until 2020, according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards body. But that won’t stop companies and independent engineers from developing and deploying HTML5 features, ABI said.

Indeed, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor has said his company is putting a “huge amount of our investment” in HTML5, and Google recently debuted its first homepage doodle composed entirely with the HTML5 mark-up language. It may seem like buzz about HTML5 is everywhere already, but if the latest research is correct, we’re only at the beginning.(source:gigaom

6)How Google+ ranks in traffic compared to other social sites

Jolie O’Dell

Google+ is moving rapidly out of the starting gate, but it hasn’t yet caught up to MySpace — or even

When it comes to just social networking sites, Google+, which launched just three weeks ago, is already in nineteenth place, according to data from Experian Hitwise.

In the broader category of social sites and forums, which includes sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Answers and Yelp, Google+ comes in forty-second.

These rankings are based on traffic data gathered during the week ending July 16, 2011.

This means that so far, Google+ is still staring squarely at the haunches of sites like MySpace, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Gaia, deviantART, Orkut and The fledgling social service did, however, pull in ahead of, a pay-to-play, private social network for families. You see these networks’ relative sizes in the VentureBeat charts below.

According to comScore, Google+ has seen around 20 million unique visitors, and Google itself is claiming 10 million registered users already.

These data mean that, regardless of who’s ahead of Google+ right now, the service is still the fastest-growing social network in the history of the web. If recent trends are any kind of indicators, we can expect to see Google+ pull ahead of some of the second- and third-tier or niche-oriented social sites in short order.

Still, if Google wants to be a true social competitor, it must train its sights on Facebook, which currently commands around 91% of traffic to social websites.

In other Hitwise data, Google+ was shown to be the 638th most visited U.S. site (a significant jump from its previous weekly ranking of 2404th place), with 56% of its upstream traffic coming from sister Google sites, including web search and web-based email. Hitwise’s data confirm comScore’s stats about users, indicating that the majority of users are relatively young (38.37% of visits are from users between 25 and 34 years old) and male (57% of users have a Y chromosome).(source:venturebeat

7)China to hit 1B mobile subs next year

By Stacey Higginbotham

We get terribly excited that the U.S. will have more smartphones than feature phones later this year, but for real excitement and mobile madness, China is on track to surpass a billion mobile connections by May of 2012. That’s one billion. For comparison, the U.S. has about 303 million mobile connections. According to the latest Wireless Intelligence forecasts, China is already the world’s largest mobile market, surpassing 900 million connections last quarter. In the next twelve months it will add 100 million more to hit an even bigger, rounder number.

The analyst group estimates that by the time the 1 billion milestone is reached Chinese mobile penetration will stand at 74 percent, suggesting that the market will still have plenty of room for future growth. Surprisingly, most of those connections will be on older 2G technologies with only about a quarter of those connections being 3G. This isn’t as drama-inducing as it would be here thanks to China’s relatively low penetration of smartphones. The firm estimates only one in ten Chinese have a smartphone, although the “gray market” in smartphones makes that number hard to track.

Still, that 1 billion number is surely a glittering oasis for handset vendors like Apple. The Chinese who can afford it seem to like their luxury brands, and China Mobile, for example, says it already has 5.6 million iPhone users on its network, even though the devices can only currently use the operator’s 2G network and the iPhone is not sold by the operator. No wonder Apple is so keen to champion China in its results from the previous quarter. There are a lot of people still buying phones and plenty of room for smartphone adoption to increase.

Apple of course will still have to battle Android in China, or Android-like phones. China Mobile has an Android-based smartphone platform called OPhone, and China Unicom has a similar platform known as the Wophone. Android-based smartphones accounted for 35 percent of China Unicom’s 3G device sales in the first quarter, and there are more options coming for price-conscious smartphone consumers in China thanks to the Android OS.(source:gigaom

8)More Americans Are On Facebook Than Have A Passport

Alexia Tsotsis

To celebrate the fact that my vacation during the last two weeks of August has been officially confirmed (!), I am posting the most massive infographic I have ever seen: “The Social Travel Revolution” brought to you by the folks at still-in-beta travel startup Tripl.

Most shocking statistic: 50% of all Americans are on Facebook (155 million) while only 37% of Americans have a passport (115 million). To its credit, the Facebook onboarding process is a lot more streamlined. (source:techcrunch