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google GAMES(from

google GAMES(from

该公司最近发布的一个帮助页面信息确认了即将上线的项目Games Stream的存在(游戏邦注:该页面已被移除),“如果你想更新游戏分享信息,请查看自己的Games信息流。”。据观察者所称,Games Stream很显然是一个社交类消息系统,包括与Google+社交平台游戏内容相关的信息。Google+注册用户已超过1000万,在过去三周中访问用户超过2000万,游戏很可能成为Google+上的热门项目。

Google+project(from venturebeat)

Google+project(from venturebeat)

2)日本著名游戏制作人及《Mega Man》联合设计师稻船敬二(Keiji Inafune)日前宣布推出其自创工作室Comcept的第一个游戏项目《The Island of Dr.Momo》。该游戏将首发于日本手机社交游戏平台Gree,支持玩家收集地球上最可爱的小动物,并通过微交易功能购买游戏道具。




google+ fridge(from

google+ fridge(from

4)音乐社交游戏开发商MXP4(技术及企业总部位于法国)日前宣布在洛杉矶成立新工作室,并称当地的音乐产业发展情况,是新工作室在当地落户的主要原因。新工作室将由内容获取和业务发展副总裁Mark Collins执掌大权。

MXP4-social music games(from

MXP4-social music games(from

5)Q-Games在最近的西雅图Casual Connect大会上宣布,将把旗下的PSN游戏《PixelJunk Monster》以免费游戏的形式引进社交平台。


pixeljunk Monsters(from

pixeljunk Monsters(from

6)Kizeye公司(原名Casual Collective,代表作是《Backyard Monsters 》)日前宣布进军硬核Facebook游戏领域并推出《War Commander》。该游戏将于今年8月发布,其玩法与经典的《命令与征服》系列相似,并支持玩家选择27种可玩的部队和军种。

7)在本周的MAU增长最快Facebook游戏榜单上,由Tribal Crossing开发、6waves Lolapps发行的游戏《Animal Party》晋升榜首(当前MAU是85.4万),而排名第二的则是Digital Chocolate最新游戏《Millionaire Boss》(发布已有两周,当前MAU是28.5万)。观察者认为,从《Animal Party》的情况可以看出,在用户获取成本不断增长,游戏玩家更具深度的趋势下,独立开发商需借助发行商才能够获得更多用户。

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

《Millionaire Boss》是一款企业文化模拟游戏,玩家在其中的任务是扮演准CEO角色,负责为办公室招兵买马并分配工作。玩家可用虚拟货币升级员工并个性化装饰自己的办公室,还可以邀请自己的好友入职。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

1)Google drops hint about games coming for Google+

Dean Takahashi

Google accidentally confirmed that you’ll soon be able to play games on Google+.

The company temporarily posted help pages confirming the existence of an upcoming Games Stream. The mention, and the page it linked to, have since been removed.

The Games Stream is apparently a social-style news stream that contains messages related to games that you play on Google’s social network. Google+ has gained more than 10 million users and 20 million visitors in the last three weeks. However, games are not currently part of the network.

Whenever they debut, games are likely to be a popular app on Google+. Games are the most popular apps on rival social network Facebook, and Google will definitely need games in order to challenge Facebook in the long run.

As for games on Google+, a spokesman for Google said, “Google+ is an ongoing project and this is just the beginning. We plan to add a lot of features and functionality to Google+ over time.”

But in a (now pulled) help page for Google+, the company said, ”If you’re looking for updates shared from games, check out your Games stream.”(source:venturebeat

2)The creator of Mega Man has a Facebook game sans the blue bomber

by Joe Osborne

Wow, what’s next, Miyamoto announces a Facebook game? (Wait, no, that’ll never happen.) Keiji Inafune, the legendary Japanese game producer and co-designer behind the original Mega Man, has announced his first project since leaving publisher Capcom. He left to make his own studio, Comcept, and The Island of Dr. Momo is the final result.

Set to release in Japan initially through the Gree social mobile games network, Dr. Momo a mysterious character that Touch Arcade reports is a lover of cute stuff, so your mission is to help him gather the cutest animals on Earth for some super-secret, super-cute project. Of course, the game will be supported through micro-transactions like paid currency and digital items. Inafune didn’t mention a U.S. release, though we’re not going to get our hopes up, and neither should you. (source:games

3)Google buys Fridge to enhance Google+

by Tim Green

Will absorb photo and event sharing firm into its Circles feature.

New York-based Fridge enables users to create closed groups for the sharing of ‘experiences’ and claims more than 20,000 groups have been formed.

Groups can be created via email addresses, Facebook friends and Twitter followers. And members can create “magnets,” which is like starring an email.

Tags are created with every posted item, so users can filter what shows up on the group’s page.

Also, once a group or event is complete, the entire chain can be archived and revisited at any time.

It does sound a little like Circles, which is part of Google’s social media project Google+ – currently in testing with 20m users.(source:mobile-ent

4)Social Gaming Firm MXP4 Opens Office In Los Angeles

MXP4, a developer of social, music games, announced Friday that it has opened up an office in Los Angeles. The venture-backed game developer is backed by Orkos Capital, Sofinnova Partners and Ventech. The firm–whose flagship game is Bopler Games–said it selected the location due to its importance to the music industry. The firm’s local exec is Mark Collins, VP of Content Acquisition and Business Development, who the company said will be based in Los Angeles. MXP4′s technical and corporate headquarters are in France. (source:socaltech

5)Free-To-Play Pixeljunk Monsters Heading To Social Networks

by Tom Curtis

At the Casual Connect conference in Seattle, Q-Games announced that its popular PSN title PixelJunk Monsters will make its way onto social networks as a free-to-play title.

This new version will retain the same basic tower defense gameplay as the 2008 original, but will adopt a few changes to better suit the new platform.

In the free-to-play version of the game, enemies will now move along a single, pre-determined path, and players can now plant seeds to create new locations for towers, reports Shacknews.

The game will also feature a new grid-based level map instead of a linear progression system, and players will slowly accumulate an inventory of shovels that they must use to unlock new stages and locales on the map.

Like in the original game, players will be able to compete for high-scores on leaderboards to make use of the game’s social framework, and other social features have yet to be determined.

Q-Games did not confirm whether co-op will make it into this version of the title.

The company did not specify which social networks PixelJunk Monsters will be available on, but noted that it plans to release the game later this year. (source:gamasutra

6)War Commander is Kixeye’s next Facebook RTS, keepin’ it hardcore

by Joe Osborne

Yeah, son! Better believe it. What? Hey, if Kixeye is planning to bring the hardcore to Facebook, you got to start playing the part–nobody likes a bad trash talker. Formerly known as Casual Collective, Inside Social Games reports the creator of Backyard Monsters will release War Commander, the result of developers’ Paul Preece and David Scott mission to “get hard” in its Facebook games.

The game is due out sometime this August, and the game is said to play a lot like the classic Command and Conquer series, with players able to select individual and group units–and there will be 27 playable units at launch. This represents the company’s mission to present itself as the hardcore developer for Facebook games.(source:games

7)Animal Party, Digital Chocolate’s Millionaire Boss Top This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

By AJ Glasser

Tribal Crossing’s 6waves Lolapps-published Animal Party tops our list of emerging Facebook games this week while a new game from developer Digital Chocolate makes its debut at number two after almost two weeks of life on the platform.

The success of Animal Party highlights the growing field of social game publishing. Just this week alone, publisher 6waves merged with developer Lolapps to expand its offerings with the Fliso game engine while RockYou CEO Lisa Marino explained her company’s expanded approach to publisher-developer relations. It seems as user acquisition costs rise and quality of gameplay becomes more sophisticated, more indie developers feel the need to partner up to get their games out there.

Millionaire Boss is a corporate culture simulation with almost sarcastically cute graphics and music that characterize the world of paper-pushing as colorful and upbeat. Players take the role of an up-and-coming CEO tasked with staffing an office and assigning busywork. Completing goals nets the player soft currency to spend on upgrading workers and customizing the office. A hiring friends system makes up the bulk of the social interactions, but friends do not have to agree to join the game in order for a player to use them as office workers. Full review to follow.(source:insidesocialgames