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每日观察:关注《We City》等海外手机游戏市场(4.13)

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1.诺基亚Ovi Store每日下载量达500万次(游戏邦注:该应用商店去年11月份时,每天下载量约300万次)。目前Ovi Store的应用数量超过了4万种,比一年前增长了8倍左右。在该应用商店实现100万次下载量的开发商数量达到了158家。Ovi Store拥有面向36个市场的112种不同运营商计费服务。



2.旧金山新兴企业Pieceable推出了一项支持在网页浏览器测试iPhone应用运行性能的模拟工具Pieceable Viewer。开发者无需使用真正的iPhone手机,即可将iOS应用上传到该工具,然后在自己的网站上推广应用,让用户通过他们的博客或网站,与他人分享演示版的应用内容,这可能将成为一种获取新用户的有效渠道。亚马逊Appstore已经提供类似的功能,Pieceable Viewer是首个出现在iOS生态系统的应用浏览器测试服务。



3.21世纪不动产公司宣布与手机游戏公司ngmoco旗下的《We City》进行合作,在4月26日通过该游戏展开品牌营销活动。《We City》拥有大量年龄在25至44岁的活跃用户,这些玩家将可通过该活动,在游戏中建设带有21世纪不动产品牌的建筑,例如房地产办公室、现代家庭住宅以及摩天大楼等,并由此赢取虚拟利润,扩建自己的城市,推动游戏进程。21世纪不动产公司的首席营销官Bev Thorne表示,公司可以通过这种创意推广活动,与未来的房地产买主及卖主进行品牌互动。



4.英国游戏发行商Chillingo最近宣布推出一系列新游戏,包括“科幻小说与恐怖生存游戏的合体”之作《D.A.R.K.》(游戏邦注:该游戏开发商是GameLab,曾与Chillingo合作推出双摇杆射击游戏《Pirate’s Treasure 》)、2D物理赛车游戏《Dream Track Nation》(由PowPowGames公司开发)、物理益智游戏《Spoing》(由Games2be开发)以及《Spider Jack》(由MaxNick开发)。除此之外,Chillingo还计划推出另外面向iOS用户推出《Vampire Rush》(已登陆三星bada手机平台)和《Swords & Soldiers》(原为WiiWare、PSN、PC/Steam版本,现已由Two Tribes开发出iOS移植版本)。




6.手机社交游戏开发商Ozura World近期以6000万美元收购联盟营销网站Tatto Media。据称Tatto Media这家广告及市场营销网站曾有一些不良历史记录,该公司由于投放欺骗性游戏内置广告,于2009年被Facebook列入黑名单。而Ozura World的主要业务是发行手机游戏及其他无线娱乐内容,在最近一轮融资中获得3000万美元资金。该公司在2008年时的总营收为4000万美元,但并未公布2009年、2010年的收益情况。



7.Zynga重新发布旗下工作室Area/Code开发的手机游戏《Drop 7》。Zynga以自己的名义发布了这款益智游戏,并针对iPhone和iPad平台推出了免费、付费版本(游戏邦注:该版本售价为2.99美元)。两个版本唯一的区别在于,付费版无内置广告。原先由Area/Code自行发布的版本仍然在App Store以4.99美元的售价提供下载,所以原版游戏的用户可真接升级到Zynga发布的最新版本。

1.Nokia’s Ovi Store Now Seeing 5 Million Downloads Per Day

In the great battle between the iPhone App Store and the Android Market (with occasional surprise appearances from RIM’s App World, Windows Phone’s Marketplace, or webOS’ Catalog), there’s one app repository that tends to go unmentioned: Nokia’s Ovi Store.

Back in November of last year, the Ovi Store was seeing around 3 million downloads per day. Today, Nokia is saying that number has since jumped to 5 million per day. We’ve got a few more stats after the jump.

* The Ovi Store has over 40,000 apps now, which is around 8x the 5,000 or so they had as of a year ago

* 158 different developers have been able to crack the one-million download mark.

Not bad, Nokia — not bad. These numbers probably won’t climb too much higher, though, given Nokia’s new focus on Windows Phone 7. But hey — at least Microsoft might start seein’ some download numbers, right?(source:mobilecrunch

2.Pieceable Viewer lets people run emulated iPhone apps in a browser

Where Amazon’s Android Appstore led, now iOS can follow thanks to US startup.

Startup Pieceable has launched its Pieceable Viewer service, which runs emulated versions of iOS apps within a web browser, allowing them to be trialled without an iPhone in sight.

Embedding is also supported, which will mean developers will be able to promote apps on their own websites, and allow users to share the demos on their own blogs and sites too.

According to TechCrunch, developers submit their apps to Pieceable for inclusion in the service, thus ensuring they keep control of the process. “It ends up being the easiest way ever to share an iPhone app on the web,” says CEO Fred Potter. “It’s literally a one line command to publish an existing app to the viewer service.”

The launch brings a feature to iOS developers that’s already available on Amazon’s Appstore for Android – there, the ability to test-drive apps and games in an emulator has been one of its big selling points to developers.(source:mobile-ent

3.Century 21 Buys Real Estate in ngmoco’s We City

Century 21 Real Estate LLC, the franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, today announced it is the first brand to buy real estate in ngmoco’s We City, a leading mobile game that draws heavy engagement from today’s consumers.

This innovative partnership resulted from the rapidly growing popularity of both social and mobile activities and the CENTURY 21 brand’s focus on the next generation of home buyers and sellers. Today, consumers are using their smartphones to locate and research homes wherever they are, whenever they want. With 1 in 4 adults owning a smart phone1 and mobile gaming attracting 26 million players a day2, the partnership with ngmoco enables CENTURY 21® to explore and interact with a growing segment of consumers who are mobile, social, and intent on acquiring property, virtually and in real life.

“CENTURY 21 agents are connecting with the next generation of buyers and sellers,” said Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer of Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “We’re proud to be at the center of a new frontier in marketing, which enables gamers to interact with our brand in an unexpected and exciting way.”

We City has a loyal base of active players, ranging in age from 25 to 44, who build and control their own cities. Now, they can add CENTURY 21 branded structures, including a real estate office, a modern home and even a skyscraper. They can earn virtual profits that empower them to expand their cities and thereby advance within the game.

This campaign, which was planned and executed by ngmoco partner appssavvy, runs through April 26. appssavvy connects brands to people through social activities performed across apps, web and mobile platforms.(source:marketwire

4.Chillingo reveals new games including space horror D.A.R.K., WiiWare port Swords & Soldiers, and Dream Track Nation

Since EA bought Chillingo, the mobile games industry has been keenly awaiting what cool new games it will uncover. After all, Zen Bound, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are a hard act to follow.

Now, Chillingo’s announced a slate of what it’s calling spring releases.

The most interesting-looking one is D.A.R.K.

From Polish developer GameLab, which previously released twin-stick shooter Pirate’s Treasure with Chillingo, it’s being marketed as sci-fi meets horror survival RPG.

Set aboard an abandoned spacecraft, you investigate the disappearance of the ship’s crew, while fighting off highly intelligent enemies and exploring massive environments to collect upgradable weaponry and tons of hidden items.

Despite the best efforts of the trailer however, which seems rather more atmospheric than the first batch of screenshots, it’s not entirely Dead Space. Expect it to be much more tactical.

Leaping the loop

Definitely not tactical is Dream Track Nation. Developed by PowPowGames, it’s a 2D extreme physics racer – a bit like Monster Truck Nitro meets Line Rider. After all, as well as the official tracks, you can make and share your own crazy inventions with the in-game level designer.

Pinging around

Chillingo has always done well with physics puzzlers and it has two on its slate. Spoing from developer Games2be, is a wire physics game where you have to ping a cute character around a platform level collecting diamonds. It’s looks like games such as Konami’s Wire Way and Zeptolab’s Parachute Ninja, but without the latter’s parachute and with the ability to draw wires where you want to.

The other game is Spider Jack. From developer MaxNick, it looks a bit like Cut the Rope but you have to move a spider around various puzzle levels, using his web to drop and swing to collect flies.

Bringing up the vanguard

Chillingo has two other games ready to go. One is A-Steroids’ tower defense meets hack’n'slasher Vampire Rush. It’s already been released for Samsung’s bada phones. Our reviewer Wayne certainly enjoyed it.

The final one is Swords & Soldiers. Ported by Two Tribes for iOS, the 2D sidescrolling real-time strategy game has previously been released on WiiWare, PSN and PC/Steam, and in general was very highly regarded.(source:pocketgamer

5.OpenFeint Brings 14 Chart-Topping Mobile Game Titles to Google’s Android Platform

Today, OpenFeint is revealing the latest 14 hit games it has brought to Android.

OpenFeint is also releasing some of their game growth statistics. Since November, OpenFeint has added 215 mobile gaming titles to the Android ecosystem, totaling in 315 games. That’s over

a 200 percent increase in five months.

OpenFeint attributes the significant surge in Android titles to more developers discovering the platform and the benefits of going cross-platform.

“At first, indie game developers chose iOS because it was the easiest way to distribute their games,” says OpenFeint’s VP of Marketing, Eros Resmini. “As Google has improved the Android Marketplace and we’ve introduced game discovery and porting opportunities with AT&T and The9, iOS developers are more and more interested in Android.”

Now with over 73 million users, OpenFeint’s growth is a global phenomenon. Android users are playing its games in 214 countries. North America represents the largest audience, but the network is rapidly growing its presence in Asia.(source:appmodo

6.Ozura World Buys Affiliate Marketing And Ad Network Tatto Media For $60 Million

Mobile social network game developer Ozura World has acquired affiliate marketing network Tatto Media for $60 million. It’s unclear what the breakdown of the transaction is in terms of cash and stock.

Tatto Media, which is an affiliate-based ad and marketing network, has somewhat of a checkered past. First, the company was banned from Facebook in 2009 for deceptive in-game ads. Tatto has a long history with this issue. We also uncovered another questionable scheme last October, where Tatto Media was affiliated in some Scamville-like offers for posters on Facebook.

Ozura, which publishes mobile games and other wireless entertainment products, just raised $30 million in new funding.

Larry Tey, Ozura World’s chairman says that the acquisition will will “significantly strengthen” the gaming companty’s ability to connect advertisers to consumers. Back in 2008, Tatto was making $40 million in revenue and expected that to more than double in 2009. It’s unclear if the company was able to maintain this revenue in the past two years. (source:techcrunch

7.Zynga’s Re-Release of Drop7 on iOS Leaves Something To Be Desired

In January, social game-maker Zynga acquired the independent game developer Area/Code, a company that had developed social games on Facebook such as CSI: Crime City. However, the company was also a mobile developer with games like Drop7. As it turns out, Zynga has re-released the dated puzzle game under their own name, offering a free and paid version for both the iPhone and iPad platforms. It’s also been out for awhile on Android too.

What is most curious about the game is the fact that Zynga re-released it, considering that the original Drop7 from Area/Code is still in the app store for $4.99. Because of this, users that had purchased the original game can upgrade to the new Zynga rendition. Still, the term “new” is used loosely as it really isn’t all that different. In fact, the only notable changes are the Zynga name and “improved visuals,” though they really isn’t all that noticeable.

Other than this, however, it is worth noting that there is a free and paid version of the game with the latter costing $2.99. The difference is that the paid iteration lacks advertisements.(source:insidemobileapps