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TeePee的合作伙伴包括Zynga、EA、Playdom、Wooga、Digital Chocolate和Hit Point Studios,目前可搜索400多款Facebook游戏,150多款Android游戏以及2500款在线Flash游戏。TeePee Games首席执行官Tony Pearce表示,TeePee最近更新了网站和Facebook应用,并调整了搜索界面,引进了Lucky Dip和Game Types两项新功能,前者将为用户随机搜索可玩的游戏,后者则根据类型搜索游戏。

2)休闲游戏公司PlayFirst近日宣布将于8月29日关闭Facebook版本的《美女餐厅》,原因是该游戏用户访问量不甚理想。据AppData数据显示,这个版本的游戏目前MAU是120万,DAU约9万;该公司通过博客表示,这种成绩低于他们的预期,因此不得不做出这一艰难的决定(游戏邦注:该公司曾在今年4月份宣布叫停另一个Facebook游戏项目《Chocolatier: Sweet Society》)。

Diner Dash(from insidesocialgames)

Diner Dash(from insidesocialgames)

3)在EA收购PopCap之后,IHS Screen Digest分析师预测EA这一财年的数字渠道收益将达10亿美元。该公司在去年的数字业务收益是8.33亿美元,预计今年将通过PopCap在移动及免费游戏领域实现7500万美元收益。





4)据Andriasang报道,DeNA日前宣布数名日本著名游戏开发者将向社交游戏平台Mobage发布游戏。其中包括稻船敬二(Comcept工作室)、Suda 51(Grasshopper Manufacture公司)、中裕司(Prope公司)、Yoshifumi Hashimoto(Marvelous Entertainment公司)和船水纪孝(Crafts & Meister公司)。




5)EA不久前收购的社交游戏工作室Ohai日前推出了风格类似《Ravenwood Fair》和《Glitch》的社交游戏《Unicorn Parade》。该游戏的最大亮点在于冒险元素:玩家需要取悦自己小岛上的动物,然后让它们踏上寻找独角兽的冒险旅途。为了饲养动物,玩家需种植培根树等各种可通过食物产生能量的树木和庄稼。

Unicorn Parade(from

Unicorn Parade(from


6)在本周MAU增长最快的Facebook游戏榜单上,RockYou Playdemic推出的《Gourmet Ranch》(当前MAU是237万)上升至第二名,仅次于King.com旗下的《Mahjong Saga》(当前MAU是187万)。位于第三名的是《Global Warfare》(MAU为476万),居于其后的是《Zoo World 2》。

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

值得注意的是排在第19名的Kixeye游戏《Battle Pirates》,之前曾因技术性问题而影响了开发商的游戏推广力度,在发布4个月后才渐渐获得关注。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

1)Social and mobile game recommendation service TeePee hits 100,000 active users

by Jon Jordan

Launched less than a month ago, Flash, social and mobile game discovery platform TeePee has announced it already has over 100,000 active monthly users on Facebook.

Perhaps more significant in terms of its business goals however is the news that its recommendation engine Geronimo has served up over 600,000 game suggestions to users.

TeePee has partnerships with the likes of Zynga, EA, Playdom, Wooga, Digital Chocolate and Hit Point Studios, and has more than 400 Facebook, 150 Android and 2,500 online flash games available for discovery.

Just for you

“It’s an incredible achievement to have attracted more than 100,000 monthly active users to our Facebook app and in such a short space of time,” said Tony Pearce, TeePee Games’ CEO.

“We recently refreshed the website and Facebook app, tweaking the discovery interface to make it even easier for our members to find and play the best games. The update has seen the introduction of two new features: Lucky Dip, which selects a random game for users to play and Game Types, which allows users to search for titles according to genre.”

“We continue to tackle the major problem that consumers and game companies alike are faced with head on, providing users with personalised content recommendations that truly reflect their interests and online habits.”(source:pocketgamer

2)Diner Dash on Facebook closing its doors in August

By Andrew Webster

The Facebook iteration of Diner Dash may have been one of our favorite games on the platform, but today developer Playfirst has announced that the game will be closing down at the end of next month.

According to app tracking service App Data, Diner Dash on Facebook currently has more than 1.2 million monthly active users, and around 90,000 daily active users. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for Playfirst, who explained on the official Diner Dash blog that “the game is no longer performing at a level that it can continue to be supported, which has prompted us to make this difficult decision.”

This isn’t the first time Playfirst has closed down a Facebook game. Back in April it was announced that Chocolatier: Sweet Society would be shut down for good.(source:gamezebo

3)Analyst: EA To Break $1B Target For Digital Revenues

by Kyle Orland

Following EA’s $750 million acquisition of Popcap, analysts at IHS Screen Digest predict the company will top the $1 billion in digital revenue it has forecast for the current fiscal year.

“EA should realize its ambition of creating a $1bn digital business this fiscal year with aplomb,” the analysts wrote in a new report, as reported by MCV.

The number would be an increase from $833 million in digital revenue last year and includes $75 million in mobile and free-to-play revenues EA predicts it will earn from Popcap this year.

While EA’s revenue from 2009 social gaming acquisition Playfish has been increasing, according to IHS Screen Digest, the developer’s share of the Facebook games market has shrunk slightly since 2009.

However, the Popcap acquisition has once again made EA the second-largest publisher in the Facebook market, thanks largely to the popularity of Bejeweled Blitz.

EA’s predicted success in digital also includes a over $300 million in projected mobile revenues (up from $242 million last year), and growth from the coming launch of The Old Republic MMO, which could substantially increase last year’s subscription and in-game advertising revenues mark of £202 million ($328 million).(source:gamasutra

4)DeNA enlists Mega Man, Sonic creators to make social games

by Joe Osborne

It looks like Japan is using some American moves in its bout with the US for control of the social gaming market. DeNA has announced, according to Andriasang, its Super Creators program. This new program has enlisted the help of legendary Japanese game designers to create social games for release through the company’s Ngmoco-ran platform, Mobage. The news was announced at a press conference covered by Japanese outlet, and here are all five creators, according to Andriasang’s translation:

•Keiji Inafune: Comcept. The former Capcom development head is producing an app called J.J. Rockets. The nature of the game hasn’t been revealed, but Inafune suggested it will be an action game.

•Suda 51: Grasshopper Manufacture. He’ll be releasing something based off No More Heroes.

•Yuji Naka: Prope. The creator Sonic and Nights said that he hopes to release a game that uses positional information and has growth and adventure elements.

•Yoshifumi Hashimoto: Marvelous Entertainment. He’ll be releasing a game based off Harvest Moon. The game will link up with weather and seasonal information and will allow for communication with friends.

•Noritaka Funamizu: Crafts & Meister. He’ll be working on a brand called “Nama-ge.”

Some of these names might be familiar with fans of hits hardcore franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog. However, all you need to know is that Japanese companies are beginning to mirror American companies that have attracted traditional veteran designers into social games. (Though, their approach is far more … forced.) Designers like Ultima creator Richard Garriott with Portalarium, John Romero–one of two men behind Doom–ready to launch a second social game with Loot Drop, and Brian Reynolds, who joined Zynga last year to release FrontierVille.(source:games

5)Unicorn Parade on Facebook: Magical adventures vs monotonous farming

by Joe Osborne, Posted Jul 25th 2011 4:45PM

Today, Facebook games need to be more than your run-of-the-mill FarmVille to succeed. You can’t just put out a game about farmers and expect to make it big, but you can still include the option. In fact, almost every game out there does, including Unicorn Parade by Ohai. Created long before reportedly being bought by video game giant EA, Unicorn Parade goes a route much similar to games like Ravenwood Fair and Glitch, but with far more lighthearted vibes and elements from both games.

While planting and harvesting cacti that produce money is a bore no matter how you slice it, it’s the game’s adventure elements that are so compelling.That’s because curating your own island space serves one purpose, theoretically: To keep your animals happy and energized enough to go on adventures.

Unicorn Parade thrusts players into a land where ordinary animals must find the last remaining Unicorns across Forestland. However, you must keep them fed by planting trees and crops that produce Energy-bearing foods–and the types of food that grow off the trees in Forestland are expectantly insane like the Bacon Tree.

Players must decorate the space to keep their growing colony of animals happy. The amount of animals you can buy and raise increases as you unlock more areas to explore, but more on that later. Each animal has a set of base statistics–Speed, Luck and Strength–that influence their performance during adventures. Players can increase those stats through performing specific tasks on adventures, like searching to increase Luck. And one important thing to remember is that the only limitation on your play time it seems is how much Energy each of your animals has. (Players don’t have an overarching Energy meter.) This means that the more animals you have, the more exploring you can do daily.

There are quests both at home and abroad, but out in the wild is where this game becomes more than just another kooky farming game. Players choose an animal and click on the field to make it move across the map. Each area can be explored based on a percentage, and you must explore at least 60 percent of a territory to move on. To see what needs to be done in order to successfully explore an area, the game provides a number of goals such as “Search 8 Rocks.” Each time a player searches something to either to fulfill an exploration requirement or a quest from a fellow forest animal, it consumes one Energy.(source:games

6)Mahjong Saga, Gourmet Ranch, Global Warfare Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

By AJ Glasser

RockYou Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch surges toward the top of this week’s list of fastest-growing games by monthly active users, beat out only by’s just-launched Mahjong Saga. Global Warfare, Zoo World 2 (here shown as Zoo World), and a new-ish Texas Hold ‘Em Poker game round out the top five.

At number 19 is Kixeye’s Battle Pirates, which finally seems to be getting some attention almost four months after launch. The game suffered from some technical difficulties early on that likely discouraged the developer from promoting the game too heavily. With Kixeye’s newest game due out before the end of the summer, however, now might be the time to promote Battle Pirates in order to grow an audience ripe for cross-promotion.(source:insidesocialgames