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Flexion CEO称新兴市场用户付费转换率很可观

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游戏邦注:本文作者Jon Jordan,文章主要阐述手机游戏技术包装服务工具Flexion所取得的显著成就。








Flexion首席执行官Jens Lauritzson谈及公司发展蓝图时表示,“我们覆盖64个市场,其中包括印度、泰国、越南、巴西和墨西哥。”

Jens Lauritzson from

Jens Lauritzson from






他表示,“App store在推广免费内容方面效果显著,但我们提供付费渠道、限制盗版的同时,也提供更多搜索选项和交叉推广途径,这正是运营商和发行商所需要的。”




Accumulate Flexion from

Accumulate Flexion from



Lauritzson 表示,“我最初很担心Android内容的转换情况,但现在看来,其表现十分令人满意。”

“手机数量增长十分迅速,涌现很多很棒的设备,特别是三星Galaxy S,其用户数量不断增加。”(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

Flexion’s Jens Lauritzson says it’s seeing fantastic conversion rates in some emerging economies

by Jon Jordan

There are plenty of ways to build a mobile content distribution business.

If you want to do it fast, free app stores such as GetJar or Appia generate millions of daily downloads.

Conversely, a content distribution business that generates revenue, not just mindshare, is much harder to create, but ultimately a much more valuable proposition.

And that’s the road taken by UK outfit Flexion, which is part of Swedish group Accumulate.

Look for growth

Over the past years, it’s been signing up partners, mainly OEMs and game publishers, who use its wrapper technology to enable the upsell of content that’s embedded on handsets. Customers include Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia and EA.

To-date, most of Flexion’s business has occurred in Europe, but the global expansion of smartphones, especially Android, has opened up new opportunities.

“We’re live in 64 markets, including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico,” explains CEO Jens Lauritzson, of the company’s widening horizons.

Indeed, it claims a current total of 25 million users, a number that’s rising at a rate of 3.5 million per month.

Digging deep

More important than users however is the ability to monetise them; something Lauritzson emphases following the announcement Flexion has integrated with Indiagames to offer operator billing in India.

“In many of these markets, such as India and Brazil, billing options such as premium SMS don’t work as you get a very low split of the revenue,” Lauritzson explains. “You have to work with local partners to offer operator billing.”

He goes onto argue that when combined with Flexion’s other strengths, the additional services that are wrapped around its embedded content – including DRM, a dynamic storefront and flexible payment options – the solution is exactly what’s needed for Android content.

“App stores are great for the distribution of free content, but we enable billing, limit piracy, as well as offering more discovery options and cross promotions, and that’s what operators and publishers really need,” he says.

Riding the Android rocket

And the early signs in many emerging markets are positive.

“Not only are we seeing good volumes in terms of content distribution and downloads through Flexion, but the conversion rates for paid content are great too,” Lauritzson says.

This is particularly the case in markets that lack local content. Rates in Nigeria (for Java content) and Indonesia can be over 20 percent in terms of conversion from free trial to paid games.

Java content remains important in Latin America, but more generally, Android remains the key future focus for Flexion.

“We were initially concerned about how well Android content would convert, but what we’ve been seeing is fantastic,” Lauritzson enthuses.

“Handset volumes are increasing rapidly, and there are a lot of great devices, especially Samsung’s Galaxy S, which are driving usage.” (Source:pocketgamer