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Flurry发布游戏加速程序 为游戏开发者提供全套支持

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游戏邦获悉,GAP由许多社交和手机游戏元老开发。最初的想法由资深社交游戏工作室领导人Jeferson Valadares提出,他曾在EA、Playfish和Digital Chocolate带过许多开发团队。Jeferson有十年的手机和Facebook游戏开发经验,他的作品颇受玩家喜爱,其中包括经典手机游戏和某些巨作,如《FIFA》、《哈利波特》、《极品飞车》以及Hasbro游戏《游戏人生》和《战舰》。Jeferson团队开发的游戏已超过40款,获得诸多开发者大奖和14个年度游戏奖项。而且,他曾指导制作某款在著名游戏评论网站IGN上获得满分的游戏。游戏邦了解到,IGN评论涉及各平台上的所有游戏,而这款游戏是网站创建以来第三个获得满分的游戏。随后,他成立公司帮助网游和手机游戏塑造品牌,其手机游戏职业生涯就此展开。

Flurry游戏总经理Jeferson Valadares说道:“参与全程的设计和校正,与游戏工作室一同开发出具有影响力的作品是多么令人兴奋的事。无论与我们合作的是品牌公司或独立游戏开发者,Flurry GAP都将会分享最佳的游戏设计原则,使用户在应用中能获得有趣的体验并参与其中,增加程序的盈利能力。”GAP程序可供各种不同应用制作者使用,从独立游戏开发者到品牌公司都在寻求将应用游戏化的方法。程序对那些面临众多挑战的游戏工作室也会有所帮助,这些工作室可能正准备转变高级经济模式和运营模式。

Flurry总裁兼首席执行官Simon Khalaf说道:“用户每天使用的iOS和Android系统设备将近千万,移动领域已成为与网络和电视同等重要的渠道。AppCircle使Flurry每天活跃用户超过4千万,我们希望此举能够帮助拉近大小公司与消费者间的距离。”(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

Flurry Introduces Mobile Game Acceleration Program

Flurry, a leader in growing and monetizing mobile application audiences, today announced the launch of its Game Acceleration Program (GAP) for iOS and Android platforms. The program offers partners a full suite of support across the development and marketing spectrum. Program support includes industry-leading analytics, game design and development assistance, financing, distribution and marketing. Additionally, unlike traditional publishing models, Flurry does not seek to own the intellectual property of a title. In exchange for development and launch support, the application makers would simply agree to use Flurry AppCircle, the leading application recommendation network, until agreed upon costs are recouped.

Flurry GAP Led by Social and Mobile Game Veteran

The initiative is led by Jeferson Valadares, an experienced social game studio leader who has led numerous development teams for Electronic Arts, Playfish and Digital Chocolate. Jeferson brings over 10 years of mobile and Facebook game development experience, working on a range of critically acclaimed, original mobile game IP and top brands including FIFA, Harry Potter, Need for Speed and numerous Hasbro titles such as Game of Life and Battleship. Jeferson’s teams have shipped a combined total of more than 40 titles, won multiple developer of the year awards and 14 game of the year awards. Additionally, he was executive producer for the third title in the history of IGN, a leading game review site, to be awarded a perfect 10/10 review score, for any game on any platform. He began his career by founding a gaming company that helped brands build online and mobile games.

“There is no greater thrill than working through the design and iteration process with game studios to create a hit game,” said Jeferson Valadares, Flurry general manager of games. “Whether we’re collaborating with a brand or an indie gaming developer, Flurry GAP will share best-of-breed game design principles to deliver fun and engaging application experiences that increase retention and monetization.”

From Indies to Brands

The program is designed to support a broad range of application makers, from independent game developers to brands seeking to “gamify” their applications, as well as established game studios who have a unique set of challenges, from tuning an advanced economy to flipping the business model of a hit game from premium to freemium.

“With roughly 10 million iOS and Android devices activated each day, the mobile space is as important of a channel as online and primetime TV,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and CEO. “Flurry reaches over 40 million active consumers each day through Flurry AppCircle – we want to help companies of all sizes better reach and monetize that audience.” (Source: News Blaze)