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从产品体验的角度聊Marvel Strike Force是如何盈利的

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原作者:Jon Jordan 译者:Willow Wu

欢迎回到In-App Purchase Inspector,在这里我们会以消费者的视角,定期测评一些F2P游戏。


这一次,我们测评的是FoxNext的超级英雄团队RPG游戏Marvel Strike Force。

Power Cores的力量

从多方面来看,Marvel Strike Force是一个传统的团队式RPG手游。而且你能从游戏的内部经济明显地感觉到这并不是一个“炒冷饭”的产品。

游戏中的主要货币(硬货币)名为Power Cores,这是游戏中唯一一种需要用真钱购买的货币。1.99美元可以得到150个Power Cores,99.99美元能得到8630。Power Cores的用处是解锁游戏中的其它物品以及资源。

其中最重要的就是碎片(shards),用来解锁角色&升级。Strike Force有非常多的漫威英雄以及反派供玩家选择——目前有64个,未来还会有更多。




Marvel Strike Force(from

Marvel Strike Force(from


毫无疑问,每个F2P游戏都少不了抽奖系统。在Marvel Strike Force中就是Orb system。




看到这边,你可能会想说这游戏挺普通的啊,没什么特点。但是Marvel Strike Force还是有在某些方面进行了创新。

最明显的地方就在于游戏的联盟部分——Alliance Raids是完全独立的游戏模式。

类似于生存类游戏,Alliance Raids有单独的能量系统,跟游戏主线的能量系统一样,会随着时间恢复,或者你可以用power cores立即恢复。

与联盟相关的还有Ultimus Key,可用于激活不同等级的Alliance Raids。耗费能量就能得到Ultimus Key。系统会根据你的表现奖励Raid Credits(还有其它奖品),可以用来购买联盟商店中的orb以及补给。

Arena部分也采用了同样的机制——得到对应的Arena Credits,在Arena商店消费。


总结来说,虽然Marvel Strike Force的内部经济划分成了两个独立的系统——战役模式和联盟模式,但是总体的设计还是比较典型的F2P风格。



从这方面来看,开发公司FoxNext Games看重的是玩家留存率,游戏甚至把金刚狼这样可以拿来吸金的角色也免费赠送给了玩家,但前提是玩家必须完成7天的每日任务。


Welcome back to the In-App Purchase Inspector – our regular look at free-to-play games from the consumer’s perspective.

In each instalment, we consider the incentives or pressure applied to make in-app purchases, their perceived value, the expansion offered by IAPs, and the overall value of the experience.

This time we’re looking at FoxNext’s superhero squad RPG Marvel Strike Force.

The power of Power Cores

In many ways, Marvel Strike Force is a conventional squad-based F2P mobile RPG. It doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel and this is broadly reflected in the structure of its in-game economy.

The main – hard – currency are Power Cores, which are the only in-game currency that can purchased with real money. $1.99 will get you 150, while $99.99 nets 8,630. Power Cores are used to gain access to all other items and resources in the game.

Most notable in this regard is gaining access to the shards used to unlock and level up characters. Strike Force offers players a large selection of Marvel superheroes and supervillains – currently 64, with more to come.

Marvel Strike Force’s focus is its character
The other main currency is the soft currency Gold. This is also used to level up characters, but in a different way to shards.

Shards are specific to a character and required to increase their star ranking. In addition, you need to level up or train your characters using training modules and gold, and increase their gear tier.

Gearing up requires the collection of specific items although most items can be applied across multiple characters as opposed to being locked to an individual as with shards. As well as being used in training, you can also use gold to purchase specific gear items in the store.

Gotta have gacha

Of course, every F2P game needs a loot box system. In Marvel Strike Force, this is the Orb system.

There are different types of orbs, which drop different types of items. Each orb drops three items. The most expensive orbs drop a combination of guaranteed character shards and some random shards, while cheaper orbs drop random shards, gold and gear items. There are also orbs which drops gold, orbs which drop training modules, and orbs which drop ability materials.

Ability materials make up the final part of each character’s levelling system. They are used to increase the power of each character’s abilities, typically their attacks but also including passive abilities and buffs/debuffs.

Rewards through Alliance

So far, so textbook you might be thinking, but Marvel Strike Force does break out against conventionality in some ways.

The most significant is the way it deals with Alliances, which offers an entirely separate play mode, Alliance Raids, and in-app economy.

A survival-style mode, this requires its own raid energy system, which as with the main campaign energy system recharges over time or can be instantly recharged by spending power cores.

Also linking into alliance activity are Ultimus Keys, which are required in order to launch Alliance Raids in the first place. Each unit of campaign energy spent earns you one Ultimus key. Your performance in raids is rewarded with Raid Credits (amongst other items), which can be spent to purchase orbs and supplies in the Alliance Store.

Indeed, a similar system also operates in terms of Arena Credits, which are earned by your performance in the PVP arena and spent in the Arena Store,

Giving it all away

In conclusion, Marvel Strike Force offers a standard F2P mobile in-game economy, albeit one broadly split into two separate systems; one for the Campaign mode and one for the Alliance mode.

Where the game does stand out, however, is in its sheer generosity.

Unless you really want to speed through content, unlock and level up a specific character, or fulfill some other self-imposed target, there is no need to spend money.

In that respect, developer FoxNext Games really seemed to be focused on player retention, something underlined by giving away high profile character Wolverine to players who complete the game’s Daily Objectives seven times.(