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作者:M.Joshua Cauller



“你可以让坏人哭得像一个毕业舞会上偷偷抹泪的宅男!”应该是电子游戏广告中使用过的最糟糕的广告词了—-这是一位顶级YouTube评论者提出的内容,并且获得了超过1200个赞。因为《洛克人》的粉丝与日本动漫的紧密关系,在Deep Silver中没人站出来阻止这种说法真的让人很吃惊。在预告片制作过程中的一个常见步骤便是面向目标用户播放预告片并观察他们是否喜欢该内容。显然Deeo Silver并未这么做。


cry(from gamasutra)

cry(from gamasutra)








产业资深人士都知道何时该侧重文字以及何时该侧重视觉效果;这也是为何我们喜欢带有完美声音控制的游戏。有时候一些话唠般的预告片也是可行的,特别是当你们是Supergiant Games这样的公司时,但不管怎样你在屏幕上所呈现的内容都必须对游戏体验有帮助,而不是去破坏游戏体验。


《强力9号》的Kickstarter投资者在看了这一预告片后马上改变了主意。Kotaku的评论家Sman X说道:“我开始怀疑自己帮助他们的Kickstart活动是否是对的了。”该预告片本该利用Kickstarter投资者的兴趣去获取目标用户的共鸣才对。所以你应该真正重视游戏社区。




6 Trailer tips: Don’t offend your audience—like Mighty No. 9

by M. Joshua Cauller

Don’t offend your audience with your game’s trailer. It shouldn’t need to be said; but this forces the issue to be addressed: Mighty No. 9’s latest trailer has over ten thousand dislikes—and for good reason. Take a gander:

Don’t insult the things your audience loves

“Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night,” will go down in history as the worst line of video game advertising ever used. A top YouTube commenter calls-out this line and has over 1200 likes for addressing how cringe-worthy this line is. Considering how close Mega Man fandom ties to anime, it’s unbelievable nobody at Deep Silver stopped the press and fired somebody; as a normal step of the trailer production process is to screen the trailer with intended audience members and see whether or not they hate it. Apparently this didn’t happen.

There’s a key lesson here for game devs: screen your trailers with your audience members before sharing it publicly, and ask them if there’s any parts they hate. If anything goes in the “hated it category,” toss it.

Don’t treat your audience like prepubescent idiots from the 90s

“Hey you, looking at the screen, let me ask you a question: do you like awesome things that are awesome? Then you gotta play this game, dude. It’s freakin’ cool. And crazy addictive—like popping bubble wrap addictive Check this out.”

Commit this section to memory. Never say these things. None of them. Bad. Bad.

Show, don’t tell

The narrator tells you what you’re watching like you don’t already know. “See that’s your dash move. There’s a short dash, long dash, jump dash, spiral, slide…” You don’t need to tell anybody about any of these things. We’re watching it, “dude.”

I still don’t know enough about Mighty No. 9’s absorption boosts, but this was the only line of dialogue in the trailer that piqued my interest. Voice-overs can illuminate these kinds of things beyond what’s immediately visible, just do it right and in a way that neglects what’s important.

Prune your writing until only the essentials remain

If your trailer isn’t written by somebody with games writing experience, it likely shows. Industry veterans know when to rely on words and when to rely on visuals; it’s why we love games with perfect tone control. Chatty trailers can be fine at times, especially if you’re Supergiant Games, but anything spoken or written on-screen needs to add to the experience, not take from it.

Don’t make your Kickstarter backers hate themselves

Kickstarter backers for Mighty No. 9 saw this trailer and immediately started having second thoughts. “I’m starting to wonder if I should feel ashamed for helping to kickstart this…” Kotaku commenter, Sman X stated. This trailer should have leveraged the values and interests of their Kickstarter backers to gain a keen sense of what resonated with their intended audience. Value your community.

Study good game trailers

Devolver’s marketing team showcases some of the very best trailer practices, so be sure to look through their work. Today’s reveal trailer for ABSOLVER is a great place to start.(source:Gamasutra