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每日观察:关注Katy Perry Pop和Iron Marines 11.27

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1,据venturebeat的消息称Electronic Arts旗下的Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare已经获得快乐800万用户。

2016年初Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare也将再推出续作。

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare(from

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare(from

2,据venturebeat的消息称Sony 旗下的PlayStation 4至今已经售出了3020万台。

按照VGChartz的数据, Xbox One的估算销售量是1560万台,而Wii U的估算销售量是1090万台。

PlayStation 4(from

PlayStation 4(from

3,据game zebo的消息称Glu针对Katy Perry进行定制的游戏Katy Perry Pop开始测试上线。

之前相似的游戏Kim Kardashian: Hollywood大获成功。

Katy Perry Pop(from

Katy Perry Pop(from

4,据game zebo的消息称 Ironhide Game Studio在推出火爆全球的Kingdom Rush系列作品后,将推出新的游戏Iron Marines。


Iron Marines(from

Iron Marines(from

5,据pocket gamer的消息称俄罗斯游戏开发商Nekki旗下的动作游戏Shadow Fight 2在2014年发售后已经获得了9000万下载量。

现在Shadow Fight 2将携手腾讯进入中国市场。(本文由游戏邦编译,转载请注明来源,或咨询微信zhengjintiao)

1,Electronic Arts announced today that more than 8 million people have played Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. And EA’s PopCap Vancouver division is giving away 80,000 PvZ coins to every player.

The shooter pits zany plant characters against comical zombies in an online-only first-person shooter. To date, more than 1.4 billion games have been played online, with an average of 1,600 matches a minute since the title was launched in February 2014. More than 7 billion zombies have been vanquished in the online land of Suburbia during that time.

EA plans to release Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on February 23, 2016. In the sequel, zombies have taken over and the plants are launching a counteroffensive.

Players of the original game will have the ability to transfer almost all of their unlocked characters into Garden Warfare 2 right from launch.(  )

2,Sony continues to dominate the console race between its PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Sony said today that it has sold more than 30.2 million PlayStation 4 video game consoles to date. The worldwide sales show that Sony is definitively leading the console war in this generation. Microsoft and Nintendo haven’t announced their own comparative figures, but the Xbox One has sold an estimated 15.6 million units and the Wii U has sold an estimated 10.9 million, according to VGChartz, a site that keeps a rough tally of console sales.

Sony said that the PS4 continues to show the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history.

“We are sincerely grateful that gamers across the globe have continued to choose PS4 as the best place to play since launch two years ago,” said Andrew House, president and global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony’s game division, in a statement. “We are committed to bringing engaging games and entertainment services to users worldwide. Thanks to the support of our partners, PS4 continues to be the premier platform for game and interactive entertainment innovation.”(

3,Arguably best known as the creators of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Glu’s latest venture into celebrity-focused mobile games involves players rising from an unknown singer to the glory of pop music stardom,alongside Katy Perry herself. Or, rather, a little cartoon version of Katy Perry that probably shows you how to play the game and makes occasionally sassy remarks about life in the music industry.

With hundreds of wardrobe options, players can get their avatar all fancy and ready for their big debut, hopefully churning out a pop music sensation in the process. Proper attire is necessary, as players will have to produce flashy music videos to really build up their name brand in order to consistently expand their following.(

4,Here at Gamezebo, we have an unabashed love the Kingdom Rush franchise. From the franchise’s original release through all of its various iterations, Ironhide Game Studio’s production of the Kingdom Rush games has consistently impressed.

So when they announce a completely new franchise? We get excited.

The new franchise in question is Iron Marines, a sci-fi role-playing game that still retains visuals recognizable to any Kingdom Rush fan while taking the experience to a place far out of this world. Players will get to control space soldiers, mechs, and aliens through different gameplay mechanics than their fans have grown used to. Ironhide Game Studio described Iron Marines to us as “more of a casual RTS” than a tower defense game. It’s been in the works for about a year, and the developers are aiming for a mid-2016 release.(

5,Russian mobile developer Nekki has hooked up with Tencent to bring its fighting RPG Shadow Fight 2 to China.

The game has already racked up over 90 million downloads in the west since it was released in 2014.

Now available in China through Tencent’s MyApp channel, the game has been localised and adapted to support the preferred payment methods of Chinese players.

Big boots

“With its top-notch distribution infrastructure and deep market understanding, we see Tencent as the best partner to unleash our popular Shadow Fight 2 brand in China,” commented Nekki CEO Dmitry Terekhin.

“Shadow Fight 2 has inspired strong emotions in players throughout the world, and our goal is to now bring it to Chinese gamers so they can enjoy the game’s intense fighting action no matter where they are.(