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发布时间:2015-11-12 14:51:38

1,据game zebo撰文的消息称他们认为Nintendo旗下的IP其中有七个特别适宜移植到移动平台,诸如Mario Kart、Rhythm Heaven、Donkey Kong’s Crash Course、Brain Age、Animal Crossing或者Advance Wars。


nintendo mobile(from

nintendo mobile(from





3,据game industry的消息称Moshi Monsters开发商Mind Candy对外确认关闭了位于Brighton的工作室Candy Labs。

该工作室作品是 World of Warriors,按照去年上半年发布的数据是550万下载量和600万美元的营收。

Moshi Monsters(from gamesbrief)

Moshi Monsters(from gamesbrief)

4,据games industry的消息称Activision旗下的 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3在三天内销售了5.5亿美元。

Activision Blizzard首席执行官Bobby Kotick宣称这个数据超过了今年任何一项娱乐产业的表现。(本文由游戏邦编译,转载请注明来源,或咨询微信zhengjintiao)



1,Hey DeNA – we hear you’re going to make Nintendo games for our smartphones and tablets. How exciting!

But wouldn’t it be terrible if you screwed it all up?

As Nintendo fans, we’ve taken some time to think about what we’d do if we were you. Nintendo has given you free range to pick from any of their IPs to create new games. There are some that make sense for mobile, and there are some that don’t.

If we wanted to wow the public with our initial line-up, these are the 7 games we’d make first:

Mario Kart

If you’re looking for your flagship property, this is it. Kart racers have performed remarkably well on mobile, often with tilt controls that feel like a perfect fit for the genre. But how do you monetize it without making everyone angry? Easy: do it like a MOBA.

Give players a different selection of free racers to choose from every day, and let them spend money to keep the ones they want. Give us plenty of courses to enjoy for free, and — like Nintendo has with Mario Kart 8 — create exceptional new tracks that we’ll be happy to pay for down the road. Design it beautifully, sell it fairly, and you’ll show the world that DeNA knows how to handle a Nintendo property right.(

2,The news out of the Nintendo-DeNA co-operation continue to come out drip by drip, and we are left trying to figure out exactly what is going on and what kind of Nintendo-DeNA games we’ll get on mobile. A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo stated that the first Nintendo game will be Miitomo, although that announcement didn’t go over very well both because the game release was pushed back and because some are even hesitant to call Miitomo a game. As a result, Nintendo’s and DeNA’s shares dropped substantially after the announcement, a fact that I’m sure didn’t please either of the two companies. The other news out of the Nintendo announcements was that some of the games would be F2P and some ‘pay-to-download,’ a statement that made many of our readers hopeful that Nintendo will be going the premium route, too.

Today was DeNA’s turn to give us some news about the upcoming Nintendo-DeNA games during an earnings briefing. According to the Wall Street Journal, DeNA Chief Executive Isao Moriyasu said during the briefing that “games currently in the pipeline are all free to play.” Now, this statement raises the question of just how many games are currently in development. From the use of the plural, we know that Moriyasu isn’t just referring to Miitomo, so at least the first 2 out of the 5 Nintendo-DeNA games will be F2P. Unfortunately, both companies are keeping their cards close to their chests, so that’s as far as we can tell without going into simple speculation. Perhaps Nintendo and DeNA want to establish a strong source of revenue with a few F2P games before going the more ‘risky’ (financially) route of pay-to-download.(

3,Mind Candy, which develops the Moshi Monsters IP, has confirmed the closure of its Brighton offices, known as Candy Labs. It’s unknown exactly how many of the staff have lost jobs as a result.

The office, which had a head count of 26 at this time last year, had most recently produced World of Warriors, which was picked for Editor’s Choice on the global App Store. However, the new IP didn’t fulfil hopes that it would develop beyond its App Store presence and build into a transmedia brand or toy line in the way that Moshi Monsters did. In May of 2014, Mind Candy CFO Divina Knowles reported that the game had generated 5.5 million downloads and around $6 million in revenues.

In a brief statement, Mind Candy explained the decision as part of a wider plan to bring the company’s staff together under a single roof in London, but was unable to say whether all Candy Labs employees had been offered a transfer. All IP currently under development at Candy Labs will be continued.

“Mind Candy is currently in the process of bringing its whole team back together under one roof at its London HQ,” the statement reads. “It has been great having a base in Brighton, but we feel the time is right to have all of our employees in the same space going forward.”

This year has been a difficult one for the firm as a whole, struggling to replicate the huge success it saw with Moshi Monsters. With the notoriously fickle children’s market constantly shifting, Mind Candy has had to gradually pare down its numbers ever since the heyday of 2012, when it employed over 200. By the end of 2014 that number had shrunk to around 100. Wth the closure of Candy Labs, it’s likely to now sit at around 70.(

4,The Black Ops brand of Call of Duty continues to be a popular one with players. Activision Publishing today announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 sold through more than $550 million in its three-day opening weekend.

The publisher said that total bests the last two years’ installments of the series, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but it’s tough to say by how much. When Ghosts launched in 2013, Activision moved away from the first-day sell-through revenue estimates it had previously given to say it had shipped $1 billion worth of the game to retailers worldwide for the launch day. When Advanced Warfare launched, it skipped game-specific performance entirely to say the Call of Duty franchise had topped $10 billion in revenue. To find a bigger Call of Duty launch, one would (presumably) have to look back to 2012′s Black Ops 2, which sold $500 million in its first 24 hours on sale.

Activision also emphasized growth in download revenues for Black Ops 3, saying digital sales of the game on Xbox One and PS4 were nearly double the number posted by Advanced Warfare on those platforms in its first three days on sale. On PS4 in particular, Black Ops set a record as “the best-selling digital full game by units sold in its first day of availability.”

The publisher also touted player engagement, saying the hours per player three days post-launch is the highest its ever been for Call of Duty, with Twitch determining it as the most streamed and most viewed game launch of the year.

“Call of Duty’s millions of passionate fans have shown us, yet again, the strength of their commitment to this enduring franchise,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. “Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the biggest entertainment launch this year in any medium, and bigger than any theatrical opening weekend ever.”(