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每日观察:关注Activision Blizzard以59亿美元收购King 11.04

1,据game zebo的消息称Activision Blizzard以总值59亿美元的代价收购King。

King除了拥有数以亿计的超级活跃游戏用户,更有强劲的游戏营收能力,在App Store营收的前五十名中有8款属于King。

warcraft candy crush(from

warcraft candy crush(from

2,据pocket gamer的消息称Chillingo将和Codemasters联手推出Micro Machines的移动版本。

Micro Machines系列最早发行于2006年。



3,据games industry的消息称Konami旗下的Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain自9月份上架以来已经售出了500万套。


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

4,据venturebeat的消息称,苹果移动设备的iOS 9更新普及度已经达到66%。

这可能也主要得益于 iOS 9对用户更新空间的需求只有1.3GB,远远低于之前的更新容量最低需求。



5,据venturebeat的消息称,Zynga推出了两款预期中的力作,包括 CSR2和Dawn of Titans上架时间。




1,Gamers and market analysts alike are waking up to some unexpected news this morning: Activision Blizzard will be acquiring King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga (and a variety of other casual mobile games) for $5.9 billion.

That’ll buy a whole lot of gum drops and Swedish fish.

The nitty gritty of the deal says that Activision Blizzard will be buying King’s outstanding shares on the NYSE for $18 a share — but we’re not financial analysts, so if you’re curious about the market implications, you can read the nuts and bolts of the deal in the official press release.

If you’re a market watcher, it might be tempting to write King off as a one-hit-wonder. After all, subsequent releases have failed to reach the heights that Candy Crush Saga once did — but this is a company that’s built a stable audience. 8 of the Top 50 grossing games on the App Store belong to King. And when folded into the Activision Blizzard empire? You’ve now opened up a wealth of licensed properties that could help their casual titles reach an even wider audience.(

2,EA subsidiary Chillingo has announced it will be bringing classic top-down racing series Micro Machinesto mobile as part of its ongoing partnership with Codemasters.

Last appearing in 2006, the Micro Machines series sees players racing toy cars around everyday environments and dealing with hazards such as bathtubs and knives.

“The original Micro Machines game from the 90’s pioneered the multiplayer, competitive experience and we can’t wait to resurrect those same thrills on today’s mobile devices,” said Ed Rumley, General Manager at Chillingo.

Extremely beneficial

“Working with Chillingo has been extremely beneficial in developing this much loved game,” said Chris Gray, Executive Producer at Codemasters.

“Our teams are collaborating closely to ensure Micro Machines returns as the definitive multiplayer combat racing game, with more games modes and ways of playing to gain new fans around the world.”

The Chillingo/Codemasters partnership has already produced Battle Decks, a collectible card game that was something of a departure for Codemasters.(

3,Konami has shipped five million units of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain since its launch in September, doubling its six-month profits in the process.

In the first half of the fiscal year, Konami’s Digital Entertainment division earned ¥51.7 billion in revenue, up from ¥44 billion a year ago. Operating profit also increased substantially, from ¥7.4 billion to ¥12.7 billion. The company also highlighted the performance of one of its mobile titles: Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu, which has been downloaded 17 million times in less than a year.

Overall, the company made ¥107.7 billion revenue in the first half of the fiscal year, up from ¥98.7 billion. Net profit rose from ¥3.9 billion to ¥7.8 billion.

For most publishers, the stellar performance of MGSV both critically and commercially would be taken as proof of a successful strategy. However, at this present moment it seems likely that Konami is moving away from AAA console development altogether, swept along as the Japanese market moves increasingly toward mobile.(

4,Apple today updated its iOS adoption numbers to show that iOS 9 has finally hit the 66 percent mark. In other words, the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system is now on two-thirds of its devices.

iOS 9 share (which includes iOS 9.1) has taken less than two months to reach the two-thirds mark, an impressive feat. This is much faster than iOS 8, which gained only 1 percentage point less than a month after its release.

These latest figures come from the usage of the company’s App Store, presented on the support page for developers. Apple updates these numbers regularly to give app and game makers a good idea of which features they can leverage to how many users:(

5,Social gaming company Zynga reported third quarter earnings and bookings today that beat Wall Street’s estimates, but it also delayed two major games — CSR2 and Dawn of Titans — until 2016.

The good news: The San Francisco company outperformed expectations in the second full quarter since Mark Pincus returned as chief executive after the departure of Don Mattrick. Games such as Words With Friends, Wizard of Oz Slots, and the new Empires & Allies title helped produce the better-than-expected results, said Pincus, in an interview with GamesBeat.

The bad news: Zynga delayed the game launches from this year to next year in order to improve quality, and it announced the departure of chief financial officer David Lee.

Zynga’s performance will be closely watched, as it has struggled like King (which Activision Blizzard purchased for $5.9 billion yesterday) to recapture the allure that enabled it to stage a successful initial public offering back in 2011. The game industry is consolidating, as the market is concentrating in the hands of fewer players.

In some ways, Zynga and King have the same challenge of broadening out from a relatively narrow base of consumers and game categories. Zynga is still going it alone in its attempt to deliver much bigger growth, while King and Activision Blizzard have teamed up to become much broader together.

The social game publisher is still having trouble with its player base, as the number of Facebook desktop users continues to decline, even as mobile users increase. Overall daily active users were 19 million, down 21 percent in the quarter from a year ago.

In our interview, Pincus said the company is doing a better job getting more mobile users without spending a ton on advertising. He noted that FarmVille 2 desktop users are organically moving over to mobile, thanks to social hooks that are built into the game.(