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1,据venturebeat引述DeNA West首席执行官Shintaro Asako的消息称Nintendo的首款手机移动游戏将很快推出。

日本知名游戏博客Serkan Toto在twitter上也确认Nintendo-DeNA首款移动游戏将很快推出的消息。



2,据venturebeat的消息称Electronic Arts旗下的Star Wars: Battlefront达到了创纪录的900万测试玩家。这些测试渠道包括PlayStation 4、Xbox One和PC。

Star Wars: Battlefront由 DICE研制。

Star Wars: Battlefront(from

Star Wars: Battlefront(from

3,据venturebeat的消息称Game Insight推出了竞技塔防游戏Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena。

而这款游戏的原版Cloud Raiders则有超过500万的用户量。

cloud raiders(from

cloud raiders(from

4,据game zebo的消息称EA版的Minions Paradise将在10月13日上架。

Minions Paradise(from

Minions Paradise(from

5,据games industry的消息称Humble Bundle裁员12人,这个人数预计占据总员工数的20%。(本文由游戏邦编译,转载请注明来源,或咨询微信zhengjintiao)

Humble Bundle(from

Humble Bundle(from

1,We’ve waited months to find out more about Nintendo’s push into mobile gaming, but we may learn all about it in the near future.

Nintendo will soon announce its first mobile game, according to what DeNA West chief executive officer Shintaro Asako said onstage today at GamesBeat 2015. He didn’t provide any specifics, but he did say something is on the way.

“Soon, we should be able to announce the game,” said Asako.

This jives with what Nintendo and DeNA have previously said about releasing the first mobile game. It is supposed to hit Apple and Android devices before the end of this year. As we get deep into October, that doesn’t leave a huge window for the companies to deliver on that promise.

Industry analyst Serkan Toto even recently tweeted that fans should expect “the unexpected” and “soon” when it comes to Nintendo’s first mobile release.(

2,Electronic Arts’ first jump into a new era of Star Wars is off to a strong start.

The publisher revealed today that its Star Wars: Battlefront shooter from developer DICE had more than 9 million players take part in its free online multiplayer test across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That’s a lot of Rebels and Imperials doing battle on Sullust and Hoth, and it’s a good sign that a lot of consumers are interested in what could end up as one of EA’s biggest releases of the year.

EA used this beta as a way to stress-test its servers to help ensure the final game, which launches November 17, will have as smooth a debut as possible. But the test also acted as a promotional tool. When it launched last week, it was the first time that most gamers had the chance to try Battlefront. And now that they’ve had a taste, it’s possible that many will want to return for the full product.(

3,Developer Game Insight revealed a spin-off of its pirate-based mobile game, Cloud Raiders, during GamesBeat 2015 today. The new title, Cloud Raiders: Survival Arena, is a tower defense game that focuses on competitive gameplay. The original worked around persistent buildings and shorter game sessions, which is a popular route for mobile hits like Clash of Clans and Game of War. Survival Arena’s focus on longer play sessions and competitive action shows that mobile gaming can still accommodate players looking for deeper, more intense experiences.

The original Cloud Raiders has more than 5 million players, according to Game Insight. The mobile market is worth an estimated $30 billion this year, according to the researchers at Newzoo.

“We’ve seen so many different incarnations of this game genre over the years,” said Anatoly Ropotov, the chief executive officer of Game Insight, in a press release sent to GamesBeat, “But for some reason, developers seem to insist on giving tower defense games a single-player focus. By expanding the Cloud Raiders franchise into real-time, long-session gameplay, we’ve been able to apply the kind of clan-based, group-focused fun that our players love to another of our favorite genres.”(

4,There are some games that get announced with plenty of hype, later see soft launch, and then quietly disappear into the ether. Kabam’s Moonrise is one good example. And before now, I had honestly thought Minions Paradise was another.

The first Minions game from EA’s mobile division, Minions Paradise was revealed back in April with a tentative summer release date. Considering the latest film starring these devious critters, simply titled ‘Minions,’ was due in theaters back in July, it seemed as though the game would be available worldwide by that date at the latest. But it wasn’t.

It’s remained stuck in a soft-launch holding pattern since Spring, with no signs of landing. We had honestly thought it was done for.(

5,Humble Bundle has confirmed 12 redundancies across various departments, which is equivalent to 20 per cent of its total workforce.

An anonymous source informed Polygon about the cuts, and Humble Bundle evidently made no attempt to mask the reality of the situation. The impact was evenly spread within the company, with redundancies in creative engineering, business development and communications.

“Unfortunately, last week Humble Bundle was forced to let go of some of our employees,” co-founder John Graham said. “Despite strong revenue, and our community surpassing $65 million raised for charity to date, our past hiring was too ambitious and we had to make a hard call last week.”

When rapid growth ultimately leads to job losses it is reasonable to categorise that growth as reckless. With Humble Bundle it is more complicated, because the impetus for growth is, in part, to raise more money for good causes. Indeed, the organisation was expanding the range of charities that benefit from its work as recently as last month.(