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每日观察:关注Jade Raymond跳槽至Electronic Arts7.14

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1,据venturebeat的消息称前Ubisoft多伦多负责人Jade Raymond跳槽至Electronic Arts蒙特利尔Motive工作室,同时监管Dead Space开发工作室Visceral Games,以及与Mass Effect开发工作室BioWare进行协作。





此外微软的343工作室也已经发售了Halo的移动版本,包括 iOS和Windows Phone。

HALO(from geekexchange)

HALO(from geekexchange)

3,据pocket gamer的消息称Big Huge Games首席执行官Tim Train认为DomiNations的成功得益于他们成功地将世界历史运作成了业内非常热门的概念IP。

更早以前他们团队参与过的作品比如Sid Meier’s Civilization、Rise of Nations甚至Frontierville都与历史素材紧密相关。



4,据touch arcade的消息称Scott Cawthon将Five Nights at Freddy’s 4提前至8月份发售。

Five Nights at Freddy(from

Five Nights at Freddy(from

原本Five Nights at Freddy’s 4预计的发售时间是在10月底。(本文由游戏邦编译,转载请注明来源,或咨询微信zhengjintiao)

1,Big-name developers don’t usually jump from one big publisher to another, but that’s exactly what is happening with Jade Raymond.

The former Ubisoft Tornoto managing director announced today that she has opened a new development house called Motive Studio in Montreal under the Electronic Arts umbrella. She will act as the director of Motive while simultaneously overseeing Dead Space developer Visceral Games. Raymond will also work closely with the Mass Effect studio BioWare in Montreal. The first game that Raymond and Motive will work on is the new, untitled Star Wars adaptation that Visceral is making under creative director Amy Hennig.

Raymond’s move from Ubisoft to EA is atypical of someone of her stature. Similarly recognizable names like Gears of Wars’ Cliff Bleszinski, Mega Man’s Keiji Inafune, and Assassin’s Creed’s Patrice Désilets have all left their cozy jobs at big companies to start independent studios. But Raymond has broken from that trend to start fresh at EA.

“I feel honored to be working with such a talented team led by studio general manager Scott Probst,” Raymond wrote in an EA blog post. “I’m thrilled that the first big project that we will work on in Montreal will have Amy as creative director. An opportunity to work with her and the Visceral team, and to play in the Star Wars universe, is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.”(

2,Microsoft announced last week that it has sold over 65 million copies of games in the Halo franchise last week, almost 14 years after the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved gave birth to the series.

That figure, nestled in the description of a San Diego Comic-Con panel on licensed Halo Mega Blok construction toysets, helps afford developers a better idea of how Halo games have sold since last October, when Microsoft crowed about the Halo series hitting 60 million copies sold ahead of the November launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

That game went on to launch with significant technical problems at a time when many big-name games were launching badly, and developer 343 Industries made multiple apologies before eventually giving away premium DLC to people who had purchased the game in an effort to make good.

The Master Chief Collection likely accounts for the majority of the 5 million Halo sales in the past 9 months, especially as it is now being sold bundled in with Xbox One consoles. However, in April 343 also released a Halo mobile game, the twin-stick shooter Halo: Spartan Strike, for iOS and Windows Phone.(

3,Tim Train, founder and CEO of US developer Big Huge Games, took the stage at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015 to talk about the success of DomiNations, and how game developers overlook the power of world history as IP.

Before diving into world history, though, Train had some history to offer on DomiNations itself.

With a team of developers whose work has spanned Sid Meier’s Civilization, Rise of Nations, and Frontierville, and a shared passion for the subject, Big Huge set to work brainstorming a free-to-play mobile strategy game with world history at the core.

“We’re best when we actually have a proven model for success, understand that at an atomic level, and then go off and make our own version,” Train said.

Year Zero

Knowing this, and also realizing that some of their best work is rooted in history as a subject matter, they looked to Age of Empires for guidance.

That was bullet point #1 on the list of aspirations for DomiNations.

Big Huge wanted their game to be the Age of Empires of the mobile generation of strategy games, but also to have it to stand out from Clash of Clans about as much as Age of Empires does from Warcraft 2.

Big Huge also wanted DomiNations to be 20% more free than the competition, be a single notch more complex than Clash of Clans, and implement meaningful choices.(

4,Scott Cawthon has just posted a trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, which recently seemed to be confirmed for an August release. And this is really looking like it’s going to shake things up by taking place in a house, as opposed to a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. So prepare for horrors like you’ve not seen before, and oh yeah, you won’t have any high-tech doors to save you this time.

With this one coming sooner than expected, as October 31st was planned to be the release date before reports leaked out of the game coming in August, there’s palpable excitement for what this could be from the fans obsessing about this – and the new home environment seems especially frightening. So pay close attention to the trailer – there’s sure to be hundreds of little things to theorize about in the weeks ahead of its release. If you’re wondering just what’s going on in the whole Five Nights at Freddy’s [$2.99] universe, we have a handy guide to the story to check out that will explain just about everything we know, or at least think we know.(