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PayPal公司报导目前社交游戏大约50%的直接支付都是通过PayPal系统。该公司的自身产品经理Khurram Khan认为,“玩家在进行支付时被导离游戏页面将对玩家的游戏积极性产生不利影响。当时玩家可能正想购买某款商品,而当他们结束交易重新返回游戏后,他们可能已不再需要这个商品了。”

在这里,我们必须对PayPal提出的50%进行解释。到今年为止,PayPal是玩家在游戏中直接支付虚拟货币的主要方式。但这一状况现在发生了变化。Facebook网站将Facebook Credits作为网站中的专用虚拟支付货币。尽管PayPal仍是购买Credits的主要方式,但它不再在Facebook网站中单独出现。PayPal将继续占有社交游戏过半的直接支付交易,但从此以后Facebook网站上的支付交易都必须使用Credits。


新款PayPal虚拟商品支付系统近期正在对兑换率等功能进行私人测试。测试结束后,用户只需简单注册后,点击游戏或网页中的“Pay with PayPal”按键就可进行虚拟商品支付。该系统可兼容于各种不同的PayPal账号,然而也有部分商家烦人商业账号需要升级。


该款虚拟商品支付系统有助于提高用户的购物体验,方便用户在游戏进行直接支付;快速购买Facebook Credits;单品;预定等多项服务。

据Inside FacebookGold的《不同社交游戏支付方式调查》显示,尽管70%的用户知道有PayPal这种支付方式,其中仅有22%选择使用PayPal购买虚拟货币。通过开发了开款只需2次点击的支付方式,PayPal有望获得更多的交易机会。(本文由游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译)

PayPal yesterday launched a new virtual goods payment system with support for purchasing social game items — here’s a closer look at the implementation and user experience.

The most significant new component, as we covered, is that upon choosing to pay for a virtual good through PayPal, users see a pop-up mini-browser in which they can carry out the transaction. This removes much of the friction from the previous payment flow, which had redirected users to, causing users to lose their place in their game or site, and possibly not make a payment as a result.

Facebook is going to be one of the partners. Currently, users who try paying for Credits using PayPal for the first time have to log in and confirm on the PayPal site, so expect that step to be removed.

Additional features of the new virtual goods payment system include automatic selection of the appropriate merchant account to minimize their fees, subscription and recurring payment support, ability to donate a portion of sales to charity, shopping carts which can contain items from different sellers, and item-by-item breakdowns of purchases for users.

PayPal reports that currently more than 50% of direct payments within social games go through PayPal. Khurram Khan, Senior Product Manager for PayPal, explained that being redirected away from a social game to make a payment is especially frustrating to gamers because “you’re given an opportunity to purchase a good, but by the time you get back from the purchase you’re no longer in the place where you need the good.”

But there there are some caveats to the “50%” stat, as our readers know well. Up until this year, PayPal was a main way that users could pay directly for virtual currencies in games. That is changing. Facebook is making Credits the exclusive virtual currency payment currency, and while PayPal is a main option for buying Credits, it will no longer be appearing separately within applications as it has up until now. PayPal may continue to account for half of all direct payments in social games, but for the bulk of the industry on Facebook, that will be happening through Credits from now on.
Product Details

The new PayPal virtual good payment APIs will be available once PayPal concludes a private beta designed to ensure the system improves conversion rates. When ready, merchants will be able to go through a simple registration flow, and embed the javascript behind the “Pay with PayPal” buttons on their game or site. The system is backward compatible with different types of PayPal accounts, though some merchants will have to upgrade to a business account.

Once embedded, the transaction flow is as follows:

1. Buyers initiates a PayPal purchase on a merchant’s site or app
2. Merchant makes an API request
3. Merchant receives back a pay key / token
4. Merchant launches the mini-browser, and does not redirect the user to
5. Buyer authorizes purchase
6. Mini-browser closes with the buyer still on the same site
7. PayPal sends email notifications to both the buyer and the merchant

The virtual good payment system stands to significantly improve the purchase experience for users, leading to higher conversion rates for merchants. The system will allow user to make direct payments within games or quickly purchase Facebook Credits; purchase single pieces of content, subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go with publishers, media, and software distributors; or pay merchants on shopping sites.

Inside Facebook Gold’s survey of perceptions of different social game payment methods for social games showed that while nearly 70% new that PayPal was an option, only about 22% preferred to use PayPal to buy virtual currency. By creating an 2-click purchase flow which doesn’t redirect users and is easy to implement, PayPal could pull more transactions away from credit card companies. (Source:Inside Social Games)