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游戏设计师谈《Super Crate Box》项目来源

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你知道2011年独立游戏节亮相的街机游戏《Super Crate Box》吗?该游戏出自荷兰工作室Vlambeer之手,其开发者已投入开发iPhone游戏《Serious Sam》。

该工作室游戏设计师Jan Willem Nijman亲切地回答了我们的10个采访问题:



super-crate-box(from super-crate-box.en)

super-crate-box(from super-crate-box.en)

2.《Super Crate Box》展现了精美的复古2D图像。你对这款游戏有何影响?

这款游戏是以较低的分辨率运行,以便给予人们更棒的控制感:你向错误的方向移动一个像素时,就会注意到这一点。我们想要很棒的复古图像,我们团队有两位极有才华的成员:美术人员Roy Nathan de Groot和动画师Paul Veer。我们一直希望团队中的成员能够发挥自己的特长。所以我们会与他们坐下来讨论美术的问题,但之后会给予他们完全的控制感。我们最终获得了极为精美而有点新鲜感的老式图像。

3.《Super Crate Box》的游戏灵感来源是?




5.《Super Crate Box》中的操作极为迅速,并且需要一些技巧。你们瞄准的是硬核玩家吗?还是意在吸引更广大的用户?







这里有许多富有创意的人才,这里的游戏行业也日益受到瞩目。这里有很好的环境,因为荷兰是一个小国,很便于大家出行和见面。现在我们希望荷兰出现更多独立开发群体。我们希望像Winnitron NL等独立开发者项目的出现可以改善这一情况。




Serious-Sam(from videogamecreators)

Serious-Sam(from videogamecreators)

我们正在开发《Serious Sam:The Random Encounter》以及一个神秘的Vlambeer Light项目。


10 questions to… Jan Willem Nijman, game designer

Super Crate Box

Do you know Super Crate Box, the fashionable arcade revival spotted during the Independent Games Festival 2011? The Dutch studio which created this gem, Vlambeer, drew attention to itself to the extent that they are now working on a Serious Sam game for iPhone.

Jan Willem Nijman, game designer of the studio, kindly agreed to answer our questions…

1. One of the Vlambeer’s goals is to bring back arcade gaming sensations. For you, what’s the essence of arcade gaming?

Our games are very short: you can play for 5 minutes, but also lose hours to them. We basically love to make short, difficult games. By having a really quick cycle with players restarting with the press of a button we can give them really intense gameplay without it being too tiring.

2. Super Crate Box features beautiful retro 2D graphics. What were your influences on this game?

The game runs in a really low resolution to give people a great sense of control: you can really notice it if you get killed just by moving one pixel in the wrong direction. To go with that we wanted really nice retro graphics, and we got two extremely talented guys on the team: Roy Nathan de Groot for the art and Paul Veer for animation. We always want people on our team to do what they are best at. So we just sat with them and talked about the art, but then we gave them total control. We ended up with really nice oldschool graphics that hopefully still feel a bit fresh.

3. Where does the idea of Super Crate Box come from?

I have been messing with oldschool platform shooters for a long time and, in the end, decided to strip them of all complexity: no ammo, health bars or levels. By shaping the design of the game around he finally ended up with the crate mechanic. That’s around the time we started Vlambeer, and we just kept polishing the game and making it more accessible.

4. You just got an honorable mention for Best Game and a nomination for Excellence in Design at Independent Games Festival. Is it important for you to be a part of the indie world? Do you consider yourself as being a part of community?

You could say the indie world is important. There are many cool and inspiring people, everybody is willing to help and just genuinely nice. Of course getting a nomination is insanely cool, but it’s the people that are the most important.

5. In Super Crate Box, action is frenetic and requires some skills. Do you only target hardcore gamers or do you think you are attracting a larger audience?

I guess our game is pretty hard to get into, but on the other hand it’s super easy to pick up interface-wise. It has shooting, jumping and moving. That’s all. I guess anyone who can master the controls can get into the game, but it will take a while. We’ve had people who couldn’t complete the tutorial. Still, the game is way more playable then the first version. That shit was HARD!
Winnitron NL
6. When you are designing a game, on which aspect do you focus the most: fun? graphics? something else?

We sort of use a minimalist approach to game design. No bullshit in the design. Once we have that we have super control over the gameplay and can just shape it around to give players the most fun and intense experience possible.

7. You have created a lot of games (more than 50), what advices would you give to someone who’d like to make a game?

Make them! Anyone can have ideas or think of a story, but that doesn’t get you anywhere. Start making games.

8. Recently, Dutch video game industry brought us a lot of great games like Killzone or Overlord. What are your feelings about making games in the Netherlands? What do you think the future will be made of in your country for the industry?

There’s quite a lot of creative people in here and the game industry is getting quite a bit of attention. It’s a nice environment, and because the Netherlands is so small, it’s easy to travel around and meet people. Right now we hope there’ll be more of an indie scene in Holland. We’re trying to improve that with projects such as the Winnitron NL and the semi-bimonthly indie meetup.

9. Did you ever think about releasing your games on commercial devices like Steam or iPhone?

We can’t say anything about that, which says enough I guess.

10. What are your future projects?

We’re working on Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and a secret Vlambeer Light project right now.(source:videogamecreators