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作者:Jon Jordan

2012年6月28日,由Boss Alien开发,NaturalMotion发行的《CSR赛车》取得了巨大的成功。



当然了,在那之后发行的游戏(游戏邦注:最突出的便是《Hay Day》,《Clash of Clans》和《Candy Crush Saga》)也推动着我们去重新评估成功的最高标准,即上升到了每日数百万美元的收益。


着眼于苹果App Store中的畅销游戏排行,我们可以发现这款游戏的iPhone版本在120个国家的畅销游戏排行榜上位列第1,而iPad版本则在121个国家的排行榜上位列第1。

android-csr-racing(from pocketgamer)

android-csr-racing(from pocketgamer)







charticle-csr-racing-iphone-top-grossing-us(from pocketgamer)

charticle-csr-racing-iphone-top-grossing-us(from pocketgamer)

(来自apptrace的图表:iPhone版本的《CSR赛车》在美国App Store畅销游戏排行榜中的表现)

charticle-csr-racing-ipad-top-grossing-us(from pocketgamer)

charticle-csr-racing-ipad-top-grossing-us(from pocketgamer)

(来自apptrace的图表:iPad版本的《CSR赛车》在美国App Store畅销游戏排行榜中的表现相对较弱)


该游戏在Google Play上的表现并不突出。

主要原因是他们直到2013年4月才推出了游戏的Android版本。此外,Creative Mobile的《Drag Racing》也一直占据着Android平台上这类型游戏第一位的宝座(这也是个不利因素)。

在Google Play上,《CSR赛车》在4个国家的畅销应用排行榜上排名第一,在美国的最好成绩仅为第3。

从成功系数来看,《CSR赛车》在Google Play上的排名为0.29[(39/45)/3]。



以下图表是《CSR赛车》出现在Google Play前几周的表现,比苹果App Store创造了更多利益。


distimo-csr-racing-ios-versus-android-july2013(from pocketgamer)

distimo-csr-racing-ios-versus-android-july2013(from pocketgamer)

基于游戏的总生命周期,Distimo估算Google Play只占《CSR赛车》总收益的8.75%。

Distimo同样也揭示了南非是世界上唯一令《CSR赛车》在Google Play获得比App Store上更多收益的国家。

在App Store上,该游戏前5大收益贡献国家分别是(按照递减顺序)美国,英国,法国,德国和澳大利亚。

在Google Play,则是美国,德国,英国,法国和澳大利亚。


The Charticle: Leading on iOS, Android now accounts for around 40% of CSR Racing’s sales

by Jon Jordan

Launched on 28 June 2012, the Boss Alien-developed and NaturalMotion-published CSR Racing has been a massive success.

It’s estimated that total downloads are 60 million; app analytics company Distimo reckons the total on iOS is 36 million.

The company has been tight-lipped within respect to numbers, but the news that the free-to-play game generated $12 million in a month early post-launch, at that stage marked a new peak in terms of financial success on iOS.

Of course, titles released since – notably Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga – have forced us to re-evaluate the highest tier of success to multiple millions of dollars daily.

Top of the tops

Looking at the game’s top grossing position on the Apple App Store, it’s been the #1 top grossing app in 120 countries on iPhone, and #1 top grossing app in 121 countries on iPad.

Digging deeper, we can work out a measure of success (what I call the Success coefficient – see my article ‘A Data-Driven Approach to Ranking F2P Monetisation Efficiencies’ for more details).

On iPhone, CSR Racing has a ranking of 0.99 [(134/135)/1], and a ranking of 1.0 on iPad [(135/135)/1].

In these terms of measuring global success then, CSR Racing is about as perfect as you can get.

The long view

Most of these #1 chart positions were gained at launch, but the game has demonstrated surprising longevity in the charts.

The iPhone version of the game has never ranked outside the top 40 top grossing US charts, although the iPad version is now slipping down in the top 60-70 positions.

CSR Racing’s top grossing performance in the US App Store on iPhone – thanks to apptrace

CSR Racing’s top grossing performance in the US App Store on iPad has been comparatively lower – thanks to apptrace

Another store

The game’s performance on Google Play is not quite so sparkling.

The main reason is that the Android version wasn’t released until April 2013. In addition, Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing status as the #1 game in this genre on Android is also likely to be a limiting factor.

On Google Play, CSR Ranking has been ranked the #1 top grossing app in 4 countries, peaking at #3 in the US.

In terms of its Success coefficient, CSR Racing ranks 0.29 [(39/45)/3] on Google Play.

Platform comparison

We can further consider the comparison between the two stores thanks to data estimated and supplied by app analytics company Distimo.

The graph below shows that during CSR Racing’s first couple of weeks on the Google Play, the market generated more revenue than the Apple App Store.

Since mid-May 2013, however, iOS has been the dominate revenue-generated for NaturalMotion, presently at an approximate revenue split of 3:2.

Over the game’s total lifecycle, Distimo estimates that Google Play accounts for 8.75 percent CSR Racing’s revenue.

Assuming a monthly hit-rate of $12 million (a very crude assumption), this would be $12.6 million.

Distimo also reveals that South Africa is the only country in the world where CSR Racing generates more revenue from Google Play than the App Store.

On the App Store, the top five revenue-generating countries are (in declining order) US, UK, France, Germany and Australia.

On Google Play, it’s US, Germany, UK, France, Australia.(source:pocketgamer)