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1)App Annie最近发布5月份应用数据显示,在iOS平台该月下载量排名最为领先的发行商多为美国公司(在前10名中占据7个席位),而在Google Play前十名发行商中,美国公司占据半数席位。

在iOS平台下载量排名第一的发行商是谷歌(31款应用),其次才是苹果(19款应用),第三是Facebook(6款应用),第四为腾讯(114款应用),第五名是Outfit 7(72款应用);从Google Play平台来看,Facebook旗下应用下载量最为领先(5款应用),其次是谷歌(75款应用),第三是微软(28款应用),第四是GO Launcher(371款应用),第五是WhatsApp(2款应用)。

从两个平台下载量前十名的应用来看,谷歌榜单前10名应用中,有5款是聊天和通讯应用:WhatsApp Messenger,Facebook Messenger,Skype、Viber和微信;在iOS平台排名第一的也是聊天应Snapchat。


从收益前十名的应用来看,iOS平台第一名是Pandora Radio,第二是Line,第三是WhatsApp Messenger;Google Play第一名是Line,第二是GREE,第三还是Pandora。

2)据pocketgamer报道,App Annie发布的5月份数据指出,该时期游戏月收益位居前十名的iOS发行商分别是Supercell、GungHo Online、King、EA、GREE、Kabam、Storm8、Gameloft、DeNA和Line;在Google Play平台游戏月收益前十名的Android发行商分别是GungHo Online、CJ E&M、Line、DeNA、WeMade、COLOPL、GREE、King、EA和Devsisters。

ios revenue(from app annie)

ios revenue(from app annie)

android revenue(from appannie)

android revenue(from appannie)


Plants-Vs-Zombies-2(from edge-online)

Plants-Vs-Zombies-2(from edge-online)

该公司最近还推出了该游戏社交版本《植物大战僵尸冒险》,并曾展示了面向Xbox One的《植物大战僵尸》射击游戏《Garden Warfare》(预计于2014年面世)。

4)据pocketgamer报道,微软Windows Phone产品经理Larry Lieberman最近表示,Windows Phone已经超过黑莓,成为第三大智能手机平台,并称现在他们已经不惧黑莓挑战。

在此之前,Kantar Worldpanel数据也曾指出,Windows Phone智能手机销量即将超过黑莓,后者第一季度在美国智能手机销量占比不足1%,而Windows Phone占比达5.6%。





apple-logo(from newgadget)

apple-logo(from newgadget)


6)据pocketgamer报道, Peter Molyneux在最近伦敦召开的手机游戏营销&盈利峰会上透露,其工作室22cans游戏《Curiosity》中的秘密被获胜玩家Bryan破解之后,22cans在Twitter上获得了极大关注,该玩家甚至还受到了BBC和Wired的采访。

Peter Molyneux(from

Peter Molyneux(from



1)Apps, apps, apps: Who’s winning and what’s working on Google Play and iOS

John Koetsier

Snapchat continued its improbable rise to the top of the iOS app store in April, proving there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Even with controversial content and security concerns, iPhone users continued to download the app in record numbers.

App Annie released its May apps index this morning– all apps minus games — and the giants are doing well: Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook are well-represented on the top publisher lists. But there are also some surprises, and some new entrants to the most-downloaded and highest-grossing app leader lists on iOS and Google Play.

App Annie, along with many of the biggest and most dynamic apps, including Facebook to Google, will be at our MobileBeat event in two weeks. Buy tickets here.

Here’s all the key data:

Top publishers by downloads

Interestingly, some companies are much more efficient with their apps, claiming top spots with just a few. Facebook, for instance, takes third place on the iOS app store and first on Google

Play with just five apps, while Tencent needs 114 to take fourth on iOS, and GO Launcher requires a massive 371 apps to take fourth on Google Play.

In addition, while the iOS app store is led by U.S. publishers (seven out of the top 10), Google Play is split evenly between the U.S. and other nations — five out of 10 are American publishers.

Top apps by downloads

For top apps, it’s astonishing to see how intense a battle is shaping on on Google Play for communication and chat apps — and how dominated that platform is by those apps. Five of the top 10 Google Play apps are chatting and messaging apps: WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and WeChat.

And that’s not counting Facebook itself, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which have communication aspects.

iOS, of course, has Snapchat at number one, up from the second spot in March, but it otherwise shows more diversity of genre, with Moldiv, an oddly named-but-superpopular photo collage app appearing out of nowhere to hit the top 10 list. (It was not even in the top 1,000 last month.)

Top publishers by revenue

Pandora continues to do astonishingly well, retaining its top spot on iOS, while moving up a slot on Google Play. And Japanese social/entertainment apps Line and Gree continue to monetize extremely well. June Fabrics Technology is a little-known publisher that makes an app that tethers your Android tablet to your Android phone to share its Internet access, and it has been amazingly successful monetizing that feature.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the continued success of comiXology, which moved up two slots on Google Play this month and retained its slot as the sixth-highest-grossing app on iOS as well.

Top apps by revenue

Asian publishers continued to do very well on Google Play, especially Line and Gree. Line’s new fortune-telling app made an improbably leap from #104 to the eighth-place position.

Apple’s Page’s app moved up two slots to hit number six on the iOS app revenue leader list, while Major League Baseball’s At Bat app slipped five slots. Skype jumped 10 positions to hit the top ten list.(source:venturebeat

2)Three kings: Supercell, GungHo and King outstrip EA as iOS’s top revenue raisers

by Keith Andrew

Supercell, GungHo and King remain the three to beat on iOS, with all three indies boasting a greater revenue haul on Apple’s platform than the mighty EA during the month of May.

That’s according to figures published by analytics firm App Annie, which reports that – yet again – the three studios have managed to topple bigger names with less games, leaving EA,

GREE, Gameloft and DeNA in their wake.


App Annie numbers suggest that, for the first time in 2013, King’s Candy Crush Saga moved to the top of the revenue charts on iOS in May, edging ahead of GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons and

Supercell’s Clash of Clans in the process.

As a result, King held on to third spot in App Annie’s rundown of the top publishers on iOS based on monthly revenue, just behind GungHo Online Entertainment and Supercell.

As has been the case in previous months, the most stark element of Supercell, GungHo and King’s success is how all three have been able to foster success on the back of a relatively small clutch of titles.

Whereas EA, Gameloft et al secured their top ten places on the back of hundreds of releases, Supercell sits on top of iOS’s charts with revenue generated from just two games – Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

Likewise, King secured third spot thanks to Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and fresh release Pet Rescue Saga.

Though GungHo is listed as having 11 apps on sale, the bulk of its revenue is down to Japanese smash Puzzle & Dragons.

Asian eye

The story on Google Play, however, is somewhat different.

Western studios such as Supercell, King and Rovio are playing second fiddle to Asian giants such as GREE, DeNA and messaging-turned-games platform LINE.

Indeed, King and Electronic Arts are the only western outfits to make an appearance in App Annie’s rundown of the top 10 publishers by monthly game revenue on Google’s marketplace.

Likewise, when it comes to individual titles, Asian releases remain firmly in charge.

“Japan and South Korea continued to display a dominating Google Play revenue presence; nine of the top ten Google Play revenue titles in May belonged to publishers from one of these two nations,” detailed App Annie.

“Kakao remained an incredibly successful distribution platform in South Korea, with seven apps designed for the social networking platform placing within the top ten for Google Play

3)PopCap delays Plants vs. Zombies 2

Jeffrey Grubb

It’s gonna take PopCap a bit longer to grow this garden. The developer revealed today that it is delaying its anticipated Plants vs. Zombies 2 until “later in the summer.”

Plants vs. Zombies 2, originally slated for a July 18th release, will now be released later in the summer. Stay tuned for more details.— Plants vs. Zombies (@PlantsvsZombies) June 26, 2013

PopCap previously promised to release the title for iOS devices on July 18. That date is out, but the game will still launch on Apple devices first, according to PopCap.

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense-style game that has a group of plants facing off against hordes of the undead. Gamers go through levels and place the vegetation in an attempt to knock the heads off the zombies before they reach the player’s house.

PopCap has recently started expanding on the Plants vs. Zombies series. It introduced a social-focused take on the series for Facebook called Plants vs. Zombies Adventures in May.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show earlier this month, the developer showed off a new Plants vs. Zombies shooter subtitled Garden Warfare for Xbox One. It is due out in 2014.(source:venturebeat

4)Microsoft: We’ve knocked BlackBerry out of the smartphone race

by Keith Andrew

Though most of Microsoft’s focus at its annual Build developers conference in San Francisco has been on Windows 8, the firm is also feeling pretty bullish about its hand in the smartphone market.

In fact, Windows Phone product manager Larry Lieberman has gone as far as to declare Microsoft’s OS has now secured third spot in the smartphone race, with BlackBerry now little more than a sideshow.

“We think we’re solidly the third ecosystem right now,” said Lieberman. “That’s a huge announcement in some respects.”

The numbers game

Indeed, Lieberman’s claims are not without basis.

Though Android and iOS remain streets ahead of the rest of the pack, the latest figures – from the US at least – suggest Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry in terms of sales, though BB10′s late launch mean it’s yet to make a major impact on most statistics.

Windows Phone flagship the Nokia Lumia 925

Regardless, Lieberman claims the Redmond giant has little to fear from BlackBerry now.

“I don’t think they can bring to the table some of the things we have,” he commented.

“The fact like we’re delivering across such a different set of price points to such a large audience.”

Might Lieberman have spoken too soon, however? BlackBerry 10′s roll out continues unabated as things stand, with the Canadian firm having recently launched the keyboard-equipped Q10 and lifted the lid on the smaller, cheaper Q5 back in May.(source:pocketgamer)

5)Apple loses market share in Western Europe, India as consumers choose cheaper devices

Rebecca Grant

The International Data Corporation (IDC) released a report which found that the Western European mobile phone market shrunk in the first quarter of 2013 due to a slowdown in smartphone

Apple continues to lose ground while Android continues to “dominate the smartphone landscape.” IDC found that Apple’s iOS dropped to 20 percent market share — a year-over-year drop of 11 percent. Apple shipped 6.2 million devices this quarter, which is down from 7 million at this time last year.

IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo attributed these trends to the European economic climate. He said the region is now entering the second wave of smartphone adoption, which is primarily motivated by cost. Europe has been “mired in recession” for the past couple years, and consumers are less willing to shell out the big bucks for “fancy gadgets” when they can access the same apps from cheaper devices. People that already have higher-end smartphones are also more prone to holding on them for longer periods of time rather than regularly trading up.

“Most Western European countries experienced a slowdown in smartphone sales as economies deteriorated, with a consequent decline in disposable income for consumers,” the report said.

“Mobile operators are also cutting handset subsidies to reduce their costs as revenues decline. In Western Europe, phone makers are facing the most challenging time ever; the economic environment is impacting demand, while users are buying cheaper handsets, which impacts manufacturers margins.”

Smartphone shipments increased by 12 percent year-over-year to 31.6 million devices this quarter, but this is the lowest growth rate this market has seen since 2004. Samsung shipped 14.3 million of those phones, which is more than Apple, Sony, LG and Nokia combined.(source:venturebeat

6)Curiosity solved Godus’ discovery problem, but player retention will be down to game design, says Molyneux

by Jon Jordan

“I want the game I’m working on to be #1 on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux for 18 months. That’s not much to ask is it?” joked Peter Molyneux.

Talking at the 3MG: Marketing & Monetising Mobile Games summit in London, Molyneux was discussing his vision for reinventing the god game genre he kicked off with Populous back in 1989, entitled ‘Innovate don’t imitate’.

Stuff of legends

“There is super exciting stuff for game designers to get their hands on now,” he pointed out.

“I want to play my game everywhere, on my iPhone, my tablet, my Apple TV,” he said, talking about taking games multiplatform.

“And there’s persistence. I love the idea that I might be able to show the world I created to my grandchildren in 20 years time.”

Molyneux explained that he was also awed by the fact that the potential number of players is now measured in fractions of the world’s population; “Let’s say a third of the world’s population, that’s billions of people,” he mused.

Putting the pieces together

This was the background to 22cans’ current project Godus.

But prior to its release, 22cans released cube-tapping game Curiosity, which was created in order to solve some key problems.

“Our biggest problem was going to be discovery,” Molyneux said.

“When Curiosity ended, we were top trending on Twitter, while Bryan (the winner) has been interviewed by the BBC and Wired.

“My belief is now on the day of release, we will have one million downloads for Godus.”

This prediction is backed by Molyneux’s belief in the power of social media “as long as you can join people together in non-threatening ways”.

This was underlined by Curiosity’s launch.

“I thought it would do 50,000 downloads, but on the day of launch Curiosity got a helluva lot of press. We got 50,000 downloads in about 45 minutes,” Molyneux revealed.

It’s my world

As for describing Godus, Molyneux called it a ‘reacting, living world’, or a ‘digital hobby’.

In more specific terms, you can create and sculpt your own world, nurture your primitive followers, and undertake multiplayer battles to gain more followers, who will added different racial traits to your population by breeding.

In battle, you can also win personalised followers, ie your friends, which can be linked by Twitter so that anything a ‘won friend’ types on Twitter will show up over their character in Godus.

Running a live demo of the game, Molyneux showed a small village, collecting the belief generated by followers. Belief if required to power your god powers to do things like manipulating the landscape.

Asked a question about retention, Molyneux said that it was his goal as the designer to ensure that Godus’ day 2 retention would be 100 percent.

“Giving people a world that they can immediately understand will be crucial to our retention,” he said.(source:pocketgamer