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社交游戏开发商及广告网站RockYou公司日前称将进行裁员重组,以便将重心转移到社交游戏领域。该公司一度与Playdom和CrowdStar公司齐名,最近推出的一款社交游戏是《玩具岛》(Toy Land)。



俄罗斯社交游戏发行商i-Jet Media欲募集2000万美元资金,以拓展公司业务,打开新市场领域。

Virtual Great公司已将一系列品牌商品植入PageFad公司的体育类游戏中,另外,该公司还宣布将与Mentez公司合作,把标注为帕丽斯·希尔顿(Paris Hilton)的虚拟商品植入拉丁社交网站Orkut中。

App Genius公司宣布向Facebook推出新游戏《My Mad Millions》,玩家的主要任务就是消费3亿美元的虚拟货币。排名靠前的20%活跃玩家(每月推选两次)将获得该游戏50%的营收作为奖励。

电子艺届(Electronic Arts)最近谣言不断,有一个匿名消息源称,电子艺届近期最重视的执行计划之一,是将经典游戏《Ultima》投放到Facebook平台。



一份上报给美国证券委员会(SEC)的文件表明,社交游戏开发商Zynga公司本月初收购前微软游戏工作室Bonfire Studios,至少耗资630万美元。


据TechCrunch报道,经过天使轮融资,节能解决方案公司Formative Labs称将通过社交游戏,引导人们节约能源,但目前尚未公布具体操作细节。

微软正式发布并介绍Windows Phone 7手机新产品以及App Hub,后者可为微软手机和Xbox Live游戏开发商提供开发工具等技术支持。





社交游戏开发商Gravity Bear最近发表了一篇抨击“全盘游戏化”(gameification)的文章,反对不少非游戏传播媒体滥用游戏元素的现象,尽管不少数码媒体行业对这种商业模式很感兴趣,但Gravity Bear直指这种举动根本就是一种“盲目跟风”。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译)

Social Gaming Roundup: RockYou Layoffs, Offer Walls, Virtual Greats & More

RockYou  Restructures, Lays Off Employees — Social game developer and advertising network RockYou, which was once considered an equal to Playdom or CrowdStar, has laid off a significant number of employees, according to TechCrunch. The company is moving to focus only on social games, like its recent release Toy Land.

i-Jet Media to Raise $20 Million — Russian social games publisher, i-Jet Media is seeking to raise $20 million in funding at a $100 million valuation, according to Vedomosti. I-Jet says that the funding will be used to further expand the company and enter new markets.

Virtual Greats Continues to Grow — Earlier this week, we noted the growth of virtual goods with Virtual Greats’ integration of branded goods within PageFad’s sports games. The company just announced another partnership, this time with Mentez, to bring branded Paris Hilton virtual goods to the Latin social network, Orkut.

App Genius to Reward Players for Losing Online — App Genius has announced the launch of their new title on Facebook, My Mad Millions, where users try to spend $300 million virtual dollars. As a reward, the top 20 percent of active players (chosen twice a month) will be rewarded with 50 percent of the game’s revenue.

Gossip & Ultima From EA — There’s been a huge among of gossip and ranting out of Electronic Arts recently about its problems producing successful MMOGs. Among the rants, the anonymous “EA Louse” alleged that the classic Ultima franchise is coming to Facebook as a pet project of an EA exec.

Bonfire Studios May Have Cost $6.3 Million — A form D SEC filing submitted by Zynga notes that the company paid at least $6.3 million for Bonfire Studios; the developer acquired by the company earlier this month.

Zynga Expands Further — In other Zynga news, VentureBeat noted a list of new job postings from the company, including positions at what appears to be a new Seattle office.

Save Energy With Social Games — After a round of angel funding, Formative Labs has said that they’re looking to teach people to save energy, says TechCrunch. While the company has not disclosed details on how, they will be using social gaming.

Microsoft Unveals Windows Phone 7 & App Hub — Microsoft announced this week the coming of a new series of Windows Phone 7 devices, as well as App Hub, where Windows Phone and Xbox Live game developers can find everything from development tools to support.

Scoreloop Partners with Samsung — Social, mobile gaming platform Scoreloop is partnering with Samsung this week, making the Scoreloop SDK available to developers of the smartphone platform.

Kiva’s Biggest Rival — Micro-lending startup Kiva attracted some attention this week by calling Zynga its biggest competitor. Why? Because Zynga games soak up attention and disposable income online, drawing those resources away from non-profits and other social causes. A video from TechCrunch explains Kiva’s plans to compete over the next five years.

Gravity Bear Rants About “Gamification” — Social developer Gravity Bear has written an amusing rant against gameification, the process of adding game elements to non-gaming media. While much of the digital media industry appears excited about the concept as a business model, Gravity Bear says the concept is just a fad.(source:insidesocialgames)