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每日观察:关注NHN Japan推出虚拟世界LINE Play(11.22)

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1)据AllThings报道,Zynga日前提拔Tim LeTourneau担任公司首席创意总监,以便填补Mike Verdu出走后的空缺。LeTourneau原先参与开发《FarmVille 2》,他将继续为这个项目负责,并监管所有Zynga游戏的设计工作。



Verdu在今年8月离开Zynga并自主创业,他曾在《Empires & Allies》、《FrontierVille》和《CastleVille》等Zynga项目中发挥重大作用。

2)据games.com报道,游戏发行商雅达利、6waves以及开发商Galaxy Pest Control最近合作推出Facebook游戏《Deer Hunter Online》。

deer hunter(from games)

deer hunter(from games)


3)据serkantoto报道,NHN Japan日前宣布推出面向其3300万日本用户推出新服务LINE Play,这个虚拟世界绑定了LINE应用,支持用户通过iOS和Android平台下载。

line-play(from serkantoto)

line-play(from serkantoto)

LINE Play为用户提供可定制的虚拟形象、个性化房间、休闲聊天区以及虚拟道具购物商店等服务,预计该服务将于下个月结束测试,并向海外市场开放服务。

4)在本周DAU增长最快的Facebook游戏榜单上,Zynga新作《CityVille 2》持续领先,新增436万DAU,增幅达1817%。

Top gainers this week-DAU(from AppData)

Top gainers this week-DAU(from AppData)

King.com游戏《Pet Rescue Saga》排名第二,新增84万DAU,增幅为127%;Social Point游戏《Dragon City》排名第三,新增10万DAU;迪士尼Playdom游戏《Full Bloom》位居第四,新增9万DAU,增幅为300%;PopCap游戏《Solitaire Blitz》位居第五,新增6万DAU,增幅为14%。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,拒绝任何不保留版权的转载,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

1)FarmVille 2 lead now creative chief at Zynga

By Mike Rose

In the midst of an exodus at social games giant Zynga, the company this week revealed the appointment of a new chief creative officer to replace Mike Verdu, according to AllThingsD.

Tim LeTourneau was previously in charge of development on FarmVille 2 at the company. In his new role, he’ll continue to oversee work on the game, while also concentrating on game design across all Zynga titles.

LeTourneau replaces Verdu, who left in August to start his own game company, after shaping major titles like Empires & Allies, FrontierVille, and CastleVille.

The promotion comes as Zynga faces multiple executive departures in the last few months, including VP of business development Jonathan Flesher just this week.(source:gamasutra

2)Atari hunts for the core gamer with Deer Hunter Online on Facebook

by Joe Osborne

A large amount of the most successful social games involve saving or caring for cute animals. We never though we’d see the day when a game all about murdering cute animals hit Facebook.

Deer Hunter Online on Facebook is officially a thing that exists, oddly enough, thanks to a partnership between Atari, publisher 6waves and developer Galaxy Pest Control.

In the free-to-play, social version of the popular arcade and home shooter, players use their mouse to find and obliterate innocent deer and other woodland creatures in full 3D environments ranging from Alaska to Arizona and more. Over time, you’ll build a wealth of weapons, ammo and accessories as you hunt deer, elk, moose, caribou and more.

Players will also get to create and level up their own hunter as they track larger and more dangerous game. With that come trophies, achievements and other prizes to show off to your friends. Based on these early screen shots of Deer Hunter Online in action, players are governed by an energy system, but the rest of the action seems largely similar to traditional entries in the series. If you’re the type that enjoys seeing harmless creatures suddenly go limp, then you have nothing to lose in giving it shot.(source:games

3)LINE Play: NHN Japan Rolls Out LINE-Powered Virtual World

by Dr. Serkan Toto

Coupons, horoscopes, social networking features, music, movies, maps, shopping, news, comics, games: NHN Japan is ready to throw everything they can think of at LINE‘s current 75 million users.

It seems like NHN Japan is trying to see what will stick.

And today the company announced it has made LINE Play available to its 33 million Japanese users, a full-fledged virtual world that integrates with the LINE app and is available as separate downloads for iOS and Android (Japanese only).

Even though LINE Play is in beta, it’s obvious that NHN Japan is serious about positioning the new service as a competitor to Ameba Pigg, the popular virtual world operated by CyberAgent.

The virtual world offers customizable avatars, personal rooms, a lounge area to chat with others, or a shop with 2,000 virtual items to choose from. Needless to say, 1:1 chats using LINE’s popular stickers are possible too.

NHN Japan says LINE Play will come out of beta next month, which might the time it becomes available outside Japan, too.(source:serkantoto

4)CityVille 2 continues to top fastest-growing Facebook games by DAU

Mike Thompson

Zynga’s CityVille 2 is continuing to show impressive growth, now that the developer seems to have turned on the full power of its cross-promotion. The game took the No. 1 spot on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users, up 4.36 million DAU for a 1,817 percent gain.’s Pet Rescue Saga came in at No. 2 with 840,000 DAU, a 127 percent increase. Social Point’s Dragon City is still in the top five games, taking No. 3 with 100,000 DAU. Disney Playdom’s Full Bloom snagged the No. 4 position with 90,000 DAU, a 300 percent gain. Finally, PopCap’s Solitaire Blitz rounded out the list’s top five games with 60,000 DAU, a 14 percent increase.(source:insidesocialgames