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诺基亚Ovi Store新增应用内置付费工具、广告投放等功能

发布时间:2010-09-16 11:01:41 Tags:,,,

日前,诺基亚宣布将为Ovi Store应用商店的下载产品增加应用内置付费工具、广告投放等功能,提高诺基亚与应用开发商双方的营收。



诺基亚还表示,开发商向Ovi Store提交待审核应用时,需向诺基亚支付该应用的“报名费”。

据悉,应用内置付费工具可用于游戏晋级,或者新闻订阅,这一功能不久将进行封闭测试,但《愤怒鸟》这款游戏的内置付费工具“Mighty Eagle”目前已成功植入该应用。另外,诺基亚还将为应用开发商提供一个拥有数据分析后台、可测试推广成效的广告平台,诺基亚Navteq将成为该平台的首个合作者,出售展示性广告和地图定位广告,当然这一平台在推出前也需通过封闭测试。

诺基亚媒体副总裁乔治.林达罗斯(George Lindaros)在本周三伦敦诺基亚世界大会上表示,应用内置付费工具将与Ovi Store的运营商计费系统挂钩,这将成为开发商极其有力的赚钱工具。Ovi Store目前已经支持91个国家的用户通过手机银行为应用下载付费,这是用户首选的付费方式,几乎每三个应用下载就有两个选择手机付费,其次才是借记卡/信用卡支付手段。诺基亚方面表示,“采用运营商计费系统以后,应用下载交易量开始呈13倍增长,这确实是所有应用市场提高营收的绝佳途径。”

据了解,开发商将从70/30的营收分成中获得大多数份额,诺基亚不再征收信用卡付款的手续费,因此开发商所得利润也将相应提高。诺基亚的媒体产品市场总监斯科特.詹森(Scott Jensen)表示,“平均来看,开发商将得到50%以上的营收,过去如果收入1美元,现在就会变成1.5美元。”

Ovi Store让运营商为应用下载开帐单的操作方法,确实要领先于业内其他竞争对手,斯科特.詹森指出,“不少应用商店都宣称自己的运营商计费系统马上就要上线,但我们现在就已经做到了。”


Nokia’s Ovi Store Getting In-App Purchasing, Ads, More Carrier Billing

 Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is bringing in-app purchasing and advertising to apps downloaded from its Ovi Store, as the handset maker tries to

increase revenue to developers and itself from the apps craze.

It also says it will itself absorb the cost developers usually incur for “signing” submitted apps.

In-app purchasing could be used to buy game levels or news subscriptions and will start with a closed beta, with add-on birds available to buy in the Angry Birds game.

Nokia says it will also bring an ad platform to Ovi Store apps, giving developers an analytics dashboard to check performance. Nokia’s Navteq will be the primary partner selling display and location-aware ads. Again, this will be in closed beta.

“Yes, in-app purchases is (just) table stakes in the app store stakes,” Nokia’s media VP George Lindaros told Nokia World in London on Tuesday. “But what’s not is—our in-app purchasing will be integrated with our operator billing. Nobody else in the world can do this—our competition is not there. This is an incredible opportunity for our publishers to make money.”

Ovi Store was already allowing app customers to pay via their mobile bills in up to 91 countries, Lindaros said. It is the chosen payment method in two out of three Ovi app downloads, ahead of debit/credit cards: “We see a 13x increase in transactions by enabling operator billing—it dramatically improves the revenue opportunity in all these markets.”

Publishers will get the lion’s share of a 70/30 revenue split. With Nokia no longer taking a credit card fee, developer payments will go up, Nokia says. “On average, it’s 50 percent more revenue to publishers,” Nokia’s director of media product marketing Scott Jensen told delegates. “If you saw $1 before, now it will be $1.50.”

Rival app stores lack the ability for carriers to bill for app downloads. “You’ve probably heard from some of our competitors that operator building is coming—but this is where we are today,”Jensen said, showing an example of buying a $9.99, one-year subscription to a fictional news app.

With the likes of Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) pressing ahead in mobile app advertising via its iAds service, Nokia will make its in-app ads programme, which will include a performance analytics dashboard,will be available on an invite-only basis to Qt and WRT developers. “The market is accelerating—we need to step up and keep pace—we want our partners to do the same,” Jensen said. (source:moconews)