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每日观察:关注Zynga新游戏《Zynga Bingo》(2.24)

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1)据gamezebo报道,Zynga新游戏《Zynga Bingo》近日终于在Facebook上线,它已加入《Zynga Slingo》、《Zynga Poker》行列,成为Zynga Casino品牌游戏之一。Zynga另一款新游戏《Zynga Slingo》产品经理Rich Sawel之前曾将《Zynga Bingo》比作西洋棋,这意味着《Zynga Bingo》玩法相对简单。

zynga-bingo-friend-boost(from games)

zynga-bingo-friend-boost(from games)

2)据FarmVille Freak报道,之前曾与Zynga通过《FarmVille》进薯片广告营销的食品厂商Frito-Lay最近又通过Classic Lays包装袋推广《FarmVille》游戏。

frito bag pic(from farmville freak)

frito bag pic(from farmville freak)

该公司将《FarmVille》印制在食品包装袋右下方,图标信息表明每袋Classic Lays薯片中均含有一件免费的游戏内置道具,据此可推测每包薯片中均含有一个可兑换特殊虚拟商品的代码。

3)据Serkantoto报道,GREE曾在2009年9月起诉DeNA,声称后者旗下的《Tsurige Town 2》(由东京手机游戏公司Orso开发)抄袭了《Tsuri Star》游戏首页的设计或捕鱼机制(游戏邦注:《Tsuri Star》是GREE平台最具盈利性的游戏)。

Tsuri Star(from serkantoto)

Tsuri Star(from serkantoto)

Tsurige Town 2(from serkantoto)

Tsurige Town 2(from serkantoto)

东京地区法院近日责令DeNA停止在Mobage平台运营《Tsurige Town 2》,并向GREE支付2.346亿美元(约290万美元)赔偿,而DeNA则回应称他们将进行上诉。


4)据games.com报道,BBC Worldwide与洛杉矶公司Legacy Interactive近日宣布推出一款取材于《傲慢与偏见》的Facebook寻物解谜游戏《Jane Austen’s Rogues & Romance》。

hartfield-dinner(from games)

hartfield-dinner(from games)


5)新兴社交游戏公司fiveonenine Games于本周开业,宗旨是从热门新闻中获取感以开发游戏,其首个作品是《Political Rampage》这款以奥巴马和Sarah Palin为主角的连线消除游戏,计划于4月中旬推出《Campaign Story》(针对iOS、Nook、Kindle Fire平台)以及《Real Politics》(Facebook和iOS版本),在6月份推出《Real Mystery》(Facebook、iOS、Kindle Fire)。

fiveonenine(from games)

fiveonenine(from games)

该公司首席执行官Lloyd Melnick表示,开发这种话题新闻游戏是“创建一个大规模忠实休闲/社交游戏玩家社区的关键”,甚至声称公司立志“在2012年底成为五大社交游戏公司之一”。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,拒绝任何不保留版权的转载,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

1)Tell grandma and grandpop: Zynga Bingo is offically live on Facebook

by Joe Osborne

While you’re at it, tell mom and dad, too. Zynga has announced that its take on Bingo, aptly titled Zynga Bingo, is now available to all on Facebook. The game has been in a closed beta test for nearly a month, and now it’s finally ready. The release of Zynga Bingo marks the release of the developer’s newest franchise, Zynga Casino, which includes Zynga Slingo and Zynga Poker. (Though, we’re sure Zynga would be remiss not to launch its own slots game, given the new overarching brand.)

The short of Zynga Bingo is that it takes the experience normally found in your local nursing home and slaps some social features on it. The long of it, however, can be found in our in-depth preview of the game. Since then, Zynga got heat for allegedly copying Buffalo Studios’ Bingo Blitz, a claim the developer was quick to deny.

Rich Sawel, product manager of the recently-released Zynga Slingo, likened Zynga Bingo to checkers, an analogy the developer echoes today. Maybe that’s not to say that Bingo is any worse than Slingo, but rather a simpler game than the latter. At any rate, those looking to get their Bingo itched scratched without access to a local senior center might find something desirable in Zynga Bingo. And if you’re looking for friends to play the game with, check out our “Add Me” page.(source:games

2)Report: FarmVille and Frito-Lay are it again in another potato-y promotion

by Joe Osborne

If you remember way back to nearly a year ago, Zynga let potato chip (and various other unhealthy snack) manufacturer Frito-Lay bring its likeness to FarmVille through a series of quests and bonuses. Now, it looks like Frito-Lay has agreed to return the favor with a promotion that will advertise Zynga’s most iconic game on every bag of Classic Lays chips.

Well, at least that’s what FarmVille Freak has discovered. The fan website received the image to the right from a tipster, which depicts a tiny FarmVille logo on the bottom right hand side of the bag. According to the icon, every bag of Classic Lays potato chips will contain a free in-game item. We imagine the bags will contain a code for players to redeem in-game for their special item.

The last time FarmVille was brought into the real world through a tasty snack was when Zynga got hitched with Edy’s Fruit Bars. That promotion also involved an in-game event that allowed players to plant the fruit bars on their digital farms, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same happen here.(source:games

3)Court Orders DeNA To Remove Fishing Game On Mobage, Pay GREE [Social Games]

by Dr. Serkan Toto

A long battle in court has come to an end (for now): back in September 2009, GREE sued DeNA for infringing the copyright on their hit social game Tsuri Star. The title, a fishing game, was (and still is) one of GREE’s biggest money makers.

GREE says DeNA has copied elements like Tsuri Star’s top page design or the game’s fish-catching mechanics in their fishing game, Tsurige Town 2 (which was developed by Tokyo-based mobile software and gaming company Orso).

Here’s is how Tsuri Star on GREE looked back then (via IT Media) – the game was later released on smartphones as well:

And here are two screenshots of Tsurige Town 2 on Mobage:

In my eyes, GREE did have a point, especially when it comes to the fish-catching element (shown on the right on both images above).

Today, the Tokyo District Court ordered DeNA to stop offering their fishing game on Mobage and and pay Gree 234.6 million yen (US$2.9 million) in damages. DeNA already reacted by saying they will appeal the ruling.


In the ruling today, the court said that actually just one screen violates GREE’s copyright, the screen in which the player pulls up the fishing rod.

Needless to say, the money itself is just peanuts for a company like DeNA, but the ruling sends a signal to the social gaming industry in Japan as a whole.

For example, Klab is currently suing its competitor Crooz (both are listed companies, too) in a very similar case. Konami has sued Tokyo-based gloops in another copyright infringement case.

The Tsuri Star case isn’t the only legal battle DeNA and GREE are currently involved in: in October 2011, GREE sued the Mobage operator, claiming DeNA pressures 3rd-party developers not to offer games on the competing platform.(source:serkantoto

4)Jane Austen gets her game on from the grave in Rogues & Romance

by Joe Osborne

Actually, scratch that: The legendary author is more likely to be turning in her grave. Between her most famous novel being zombified and now this, Jane Austen has probably become one disgruntled ghost. BBC Worldwide and Los Angeles-based Legacy Interactive have announced Jane Austen’s Rogues & Romance for Facebook, a hidden-object social game based on Pride and Prejudice.

Rogues & Romance, for all intents and purposes, is The BBC’s response to the explosion of hidden-object games on Facebook using a powerful (and oddly fitting) brand. According to Legacy Interactive creative director Donald Marshall, Rogues & Romance sees Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy somehow escape the pages of Austen’s timeless novel. Of course, it will be your job to help bring them back into the book by finding various hidden objects in scenes inspired by the book.

While finding out how to convince Bennet and Darcy to get back into Pride and Prejudice, players will get to decorate their own manor house, dress up their avatars in Regency-era duds and “court” … however that may pertain to the game. Legacy Interactive CEO Ariella Lehrer is apparently a member of The Jane Austen Society of North America, and her knowledge of all things Austen has been vital to the social game’s creation.

Jane Austen’s first social game is in the works courtesy of Cerebral Fix as well, with The BBC having worked to bring brands to free-to-play gaming before, like Dr. Who. As of this writing, Rogues & Romance is in the middle of a closed beta test, with a public release slated for March. You can find out even more about the game at its dedicated website, right here.(source:games

5)Social gaming startup makes games ripped from the headlines

by Libe Goad

We’ve finally seemed to have moved past ‘Ville’ stage of social games, and into an era where games seem be more diverse. Some of the biggest game launches in the past few months have been casino games, hidden object games and addictive puzzlers that are already hits on other platforms, e.g. Angry Birds.

fiveonenine Games, a new studio that opened its doors this week, is looking to a new source for gaming inspiration (or maybe we should call it a news source), creating games that are ripped from the headlines. The company’s debut game, Political Rampage, is a tongue-in-cheek match-3 puzzle game starring President Obama and Sarah Palin. That will be followed by other topical games, Campaign Story (iOS, Nook, Kindle Fire) and Real Politics (Facebook, IOs) in mid-April and another called Real Mystery (Facebook, iOS, Kindle Fire) in July 2012.

In a statement, fiveonenine CEO Lloyd Melnick says creating topical games is “the key to building a large, dedicated community of casual and social gamers.” That may be true, but experience shows us that games also need to be well made and fun to play.

We’ll see if this startup can live up to the brag on its website: “We will be one of the top five social gaming companies (both social web and social mobile) by the end of 2012.” (source:games