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分享Inside Social Apps 2012五大主要观点

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作者:Damon Brown

上周的Inside Social Apps会议是个有关Facebook应用创收、HTML5运用及手机游戏的生动讨论会。



1. 苹果消灭bots,这让平台的排名变得更准确(游戏邦注:就像Android平台那样)。



——谷歌全球手机业务销售和产品战略经理George Meredith

Android-Holding-Kindle-Fire(from kindlefirewire)

Android-Holding-Kindle-Fire(from kindlefirewire)

2. Kindle Fire不是Android,它逐渐变成截然不同的产品。

“早在Kindle Fire之前,我们就很熟悉Android的Amazon Appstore,,我们将自己的产品从中卸下。Android Market易于控制,但Kindle就像我们内部说的,属于‘Android式’的平台。”


——Bionic Panda Games的CEO和联合创始人Charles Hudson

3. Zynga获得成功仅仅是因为它推出更优质的作品



——Zynga手机业务高级副总裁Travis Boatman

4. 手机应用蚕食了专用游戏系统的蛋糕

“在2010和2011年,手机游戏在Nintendo DS及其他平台的销量下降50%。这不仅仅只是单纯的下滑,而是实实在在的破坏性结果。”

——Crossover Technologies总经理Eric Goldberg

5. 手机应用超越网页平台



——红点投资合伙人Scott Raney


5 hot quotes from the Inside Social Apps 2012

by Damon Brown

Last week’s Inside Social Apps conference was a lively two-day argument about Facebook app monetisation, HTML5 adoption, and mobile gaming.

It also emphasised the ever-thinning line between social and mobile, as most acknowledged that Facebook and phone app strategies are now made hand-in-hand.

but if you didn’t make it out to San Francisco, here are the five most telling statements from the event.

1. Apple killing off bots will now make ranking more accurate… like Android

“Android rankings factor in a lot of things: uninstall rates, user reviews, user engagement… and none of these things seem to matter on the iOS platform.

“Before, it seemed like the [Apple] focus was on ranking, but now, hopefully, we’ll see more franchise development and long-term planning.”

George Meredith, manager, Global Mobile Sales and Product Strategy, Google.

2. Kindle isn’t really Android. It’s becoming something else.

“We were up on the Amazon Appstore for Android, way before the Kindle Fire, and we took our goods down. The Android Market is manageable, but the Kindle, as we say in-house, is ‘Android-like’.”

“The question isn’t just supporting the Kindles at launch, but the iterations that are bound to come over the years and having the staff and resources to support them. We decided no.”

Charles Hudson, CEO and co-founder, Bionic Panda Games

3. Zynga is winning simply because it makes better games

“[Regarding copy cats], We’re not in the business of making products that are not differentiated. If the games are free, there is no differentiation cost: they can play it, then stop playing it and download something else.

“At the end of the day, the player can decide. One of the keys is the ability to be social, and Zynga provides that.”

Travis Boatman, senior vice president of Mobile, Zynga

4. Phones are eating dedicated game systems for lunch

“In 2010 and 2011, sales of mobile games on [Nintendo DS] and other systems went down 50 percent. That’s not a drop; that’s a virtual destruction.”

Eric Goldberg, MD, Crossover Technologies

5. Mobile apps are taking precedence over web

“Now when we think about consumer services, there’s no distinction between mobile and internet.

“We assume a company coming in has a strategy that goes across the board. It’s really interesting. Over the last 12 months, it’s much more common for folks to launch with an app first.”

Scott Raney, partner, Redpoint Ventures(Source:Damon Brown