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据了解,目前超过100万的iTunes用户正在使用苹果新功能Ping,苹果方面则称新版iTunes v.10已经有300万的下载量,其中三分之一的用户下载后立即开始使用Ping。








如果乔布斯认为Ping走的路子正确无误,那么他就有可能重步Google后尘,就像Google Buzz一样无功而返。这不禁让人联想起苹果原先自信满满,但市场并不买帐的其他败笔。尽管如此,我还是想起了一个好友,她可是iPhone的忠实信徒,尽管iPhone手机的性能远不如她预期,她还是虔诚得夸张,“我就要iPhone手机”,那说话的语调和声势至今令我印象深刻。


Another big hit for Apple with Ping?

Steve Jobs and Apple might have done it yet again. The plaudits are not unanimous (when are they ever?) but the balance of ‘informed’ opinion seems to be in favour of Ping, Apple’s new iTunes social networking feature By Ian Scales.

Reports over the weekend indicate that over one million users of iTunes are now using Ping which is, inevitably, a cross between Facebook and Twitter. The feature is part of the new version of  iTunes, v. 10, which already has 3 million downloads with one third of those immediately using Ping, says Apple.

With Ping, users can ‘follow’ celetrities and musicians, create obscure interest groups and generally be social about music to the advantage of everyone involved.

On one level, this was an obvious move. iTunes has been around for years and has 160 million users – all Apple needed to do was attach a social networking app to the side of iTunes and pingo! It may have a real MySpace Murdoch killer on its hands.

But the lure of a good catchline (“Ping-pong”) has proved too much for some observers who are already writing it off.

The most trenchant criticism is reserved for  the lack of integration  -  with Facebook in particular, because Jobs says Facebook wasn’t ready to do an acceptable deal with Apple for data sharing..

The broad question, it appears to me, is what direction the world is taking? Will users tire of having multiple social networking log-ins and so seek to have them either aggregated or, if that’s still clumsy, will they be prepared to have just one social networking site, especially if Facebook (say) can provide enough groups and features and ways of dividing up friends and contacts to make it viable.

My hunch – and this is by no means an original idea – is that the social networking has to be a sort of analogue of the real world and heavily support that separation. Especially if the experience of my children is anything to go by, now that they have firmly locked me out of their Facebook circle.

Whether that can be done by some sort of information sharing between sites so that there’s a single log-in but still user-controlled separation , or whether users will prefer to have completely separate sites, is uncertain, but for the time being I think I plump for separation if only because branding is important in this area and users are building up virulent loves and hatreds. Some users can stomach the thought of themselves as a Linkedin types, but draw the line at Facebook, which they see as trivial and sometimes nasty. For instance.

If Jobs gets Ping right he will be going where Google has, so far, failed with Buzz. And it does bring you back to the observation that there is so much that Apple gets right so much of the time and much of that magic touch is down to Jobs himself.

I vividly remember a close friend and confirmed gadget-stamper who got religion with the iPhone. Instead of throwing it down because it didn’t work in the way she expected (her usual attitude), she did what can only be described as a long and over-the-top fawn: “I just LOVE my iPhone”.  I still haven’t quite recovered.

The fact is that Jobs is not so much a dweeb (in the Gates tradition) as a sort of technology couturier like a Karl Lagerfeld or a style guru like Terrance Conran of Habitat (he even wears fashionista black).

He designs the big picture and he vets the dogfood to make sure it’s magical when it arrives. And mostly, he gets it right.(source:TelecomTV)