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device-activations_xmas_vs_dec(from flurry)

device-activations_xmas_vs_dec(from flurry)

Flurry报告并未区分iOS和Android设备分别实现多少次激活量,但观察者认为根据Android高管Andy Rubin在圣诞之前透露的数据,Android设备每日激活量超过70万次,那么可以推算出iOS移动设备平均每天激活量应该介于70万-80万次左右(假设这两者每日激活量共达150万次)。

app downloads_xmas_vs_dec(from flurry)

app downloads_xmas_vs_dec(from flurry)


app downloads by hour(from Flurry)

app downloads by hour(from Flurry)



top 10 countries(from Localytics)

top 10 countries(from Localytics)


3)据All About Windows Phone报道,微软Windows Phone平台应用程序已超过5万款,该平台历时一年多时间达到4万款应用,但仅在40天内就新增1万款应用。

但该手机平台市场份额仍然不够理想,前Windows Phone总经理Charlie Kindel曾对表示,Windows Phone并不是输在硬件或软件这两个竞争要素上,而应归咎于微软无法处理好和运营商的关系。

Windows Phone(from venturebeat)

Windows Phone(from venturebeat)

微软对硬件设备制造商的要求极为严格,导致市场上的Windows Phone设备数量极为有限,再加上微软自主控制Windows Phone操作系统的更新流程,将运营商完全排除在外,这两个因素导致运营商更倾向于推广Android和iOS移备而非Windows Phone产品。

4)日本游戏开发者Keiji Inafune最近发布其离开Capcom后的第一款游戏《Dr.Momo’s Island》,并将该游戏推向日本手机社交游戏平台GREE的Android版本。

Dr.Momo's Island(from

Dr.Momo's Island(from


Keiji Inafune于2010年离开Capcom时成立了Comcept,之前曾任《Dead Rising》、《Super Street Fighter IV》、《Lost Planet》、《洛克人》系列等游戏制作人。

5)Capcom根据其RPG系列游戏《怪物猎人》改制的手机社交游戏《猎人探险记:奇妙之岛》(Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima)自12月19日在GREE平台发布后,迅速成为该平台最排名第4的第三方游戏,最近已晋升至该平台榜单第二名,用户达50万。




1)Android and iOS Downloads More than Double on Record Breaking Christmas Day

Kathleen De Vere

As predicted, Christmas Day was a great day for mobile developers, as app download totals for both Android and iOS set new records.

According to mobile analytics company Flurry, almost quarter of a billion iOS and Android apps were downloaded on December 25th this year – making the day the biggest in the history of both platforms. On average, 108 million apps were downloaded every day between December 1st and 20th this year, but on Christmas Day download volumes jumped 125 percent to 242 million apps. Developers sometimes see more than 10 percent of their annual of downloads in the last two weeks of the year around Christmas.

The download “primetime” for apps is between 7 and 10 p.m. and Christmas day proved to be no different as volumes spiked after consumers got away from family and turkey and settled down with their new presents. Between 8 and 9 p.m. alone on Christmas day almost 16 million apps were downloaded, double December’s average rate of about 8 million apps in the same time frame.

Overall, Flurry saw new device activations jump 353 percent on Christmas Day, with consumers all over the world unwrapping more more than 6.8 million smartphones, tablets and eReaders. A standard day in December 2011 recorded about 1.5 million new device activations. The previous record holder for single day with most device activations was Christmas day 2010, where Flurry recorded 2.8 million device activations.(source:insidemobileapps

2)Localytics sees iOS and Android activations up 12-fold over Christmas weekend

by Jon Jordan

Following on from Flurry’s research, which saw 6.8 million new iOS and Android devices activated on Christmas Day, rival app analytics outfit Localytics has also attempted to calculate what happened.

Providing analytics to apps on over 200 million devices, it saw 12 times more Android devices activated over the Christmas weekend compared to the previous December weekend.

For iOS devices, the bump was 12.5 times, of which iPhones were up 14 times and iPods up 21 times.

Breaking out the numbers in terms of national markets, Localytics reckons that Android was strongest in South Korea, Sweden, Spain and Japan. IOS was strongest in US, Germany, the UK,

Italy and Malaysia.(source:pocketgamer)

3)50,000 apps later, Windows Phone is still in trouble

Devindra Hardawar

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform now has more than 50,000 apps available — a significant milestone, but one that still puts it far behind Apple’s 500,000 iOS apps and Google’s more than 380,000 Android apps.

At least things seem to be picking up for the platform on the app front. It took Microsoft over a year to reach 40,000 apps on Windows Phone, but only 40 days to add another 10,000, reports All About Windows Phone. But apps alone won’t sell consumers on Windows Phone, especially during its do-or-die year of 2012.

So what’s keeping the platform, which is reportedly still seeing slow sales, from finding the success of the iPhone or Android? As former Windows Phone general manager Charlie Kindel sees it, the real problem with Windows Phone doesn’t stem from hardware or software (which he deems “superior” to the competition), but instead is due to Microsoft’s inability to play nice with carriers.

The company has imposed strict hardware restrictions on hardware partners, which has led to only a few devices being developed, and it has removed carriers entirely from the Windows Phone update process. Those two elements have led to carriers preferring to push Android and iOS devices, instead of Windows Phone.

“Carriers own the marketing money and spend billions a year,” Kindel wrote in a blog post yesterday. “The money is provided by the other sides of the market: OS providers & device manufactures, but the carriers get to spend it; they are the aggregation point where the money actually gets spent. The carriers choose what devices get featured on those TV ads.  They also choose what devices to train their RSP (retail sales professionals) to push.”(source:venturebeat

4)Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Releases First Post-Capcom Game

by Eric Caoili

Newsbrief: Comcept head Keiji Inafune has released his first game since leaving Capcom last year, Dr. Momo’s Island, available through Japanese mobile social gaming network GREE.

Released for Android devices (an iOS edition is on the way), the title was jointly developed by Comcept and Index, the parent company of game developer/publisher Atlus. The social game has players collecting eggs and fusing/trading animals in a quest to create cute creatures.

Inafune formed Comcept and Intercept in late 2010, leaving Capcom after working at the company for 23 years to try his hand at independent development. He previously served as producer for titles like Dead Rising, Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet, and the Mega Man series.

Inafune’s game production firm Intercept (Comcept is a planning organization for entertainment properties) is also currently working on a Nintendo 3DS action-adventure project titled King of Pirates, which is scheduled to release in Japan some time in 2012.(source:gamasutra

5)Capcom’s Monster Hunter Social Game Hits 500,000 Users, Moves To No. 2 On GREE [Social Games]

by Dr. Serkan Toto

As predicted, Capcom’s “Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima”, a social game based on the company’s action RPG series Monster Hunter, continues to do well on GREE.

The title was announced last month, launched on GREE on December 19, quickly shot up to No. 4 on the ranking of the most popular third-party games, and has now moved up to the No. 2 spot (it is trailing Konami’s Dragon Collection).

That’s not the only good news for Capcom: Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima has also jumped over the 500,000 user mark on GREE already, a more than solid number for such a new title.

The game, which was actually created by Tokyo-based gumi, is available on GREE for feature phones and smartphones.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Monster Hunter’s social game version to become Capcom’s very own Dragon Collection-like, long-term money maker.(source:serkantoto