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每日观察:关注Yahoo Mobage平台用户达600万(11.17)

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1)据serkantoto报道,自雅虎日本与DeNA于2010年10月合作推出PC端社交游戏平台Yahoo Mobage以来,其平台用户已达600万。



Yahoo Mobage历时51天达到100万用户数量,其后53天新增100万用户,其后61天达到300万用户,其后73天达到400万用户(截止5月17日)。

但DeNA并未公布Yahoo Mobage达到600万用户的具体时间,如果假设该平台于今日达600万用户,那就相当于该平台历时183天才再添200万新用户(这意味着该平台用户增速减缓)。

2)Stupid Fun Club创始人Will Wright日前透露其下一款游戏及初创企业名称是“Hivemind”,目标是创造一种新的游戏类型“个性游戏”。

Will Wright(from

Will Wright(from







Kabam pre-paid cards(from insidesocialgames)

Kabam pre-paid cards(from insidesocialgames)

无信用卡及银行帐号的玩家可使用这些预付卡购买《Kingdoms of Camelot》、《Dragons of Atlantis》、《The Godfather: Five Families》、《Edgeworld》、《Global Warfare》和《Glory of Rome》这些投入于Facebook或Kabam网站游戏中的虚拟商品。

社交游戏巨头Zynga已在2010年初开始通过美国零售商渠道推出游戏预付卡,现在已将这项业务扩展至拉美、中东和欧洲等地,而Facebook也已经在去年9月开始发售Facebook Credit预付卡。

分析公司SuperData Research今年5月预测,2014年游戏预付卡市场规模将达4.95亿美元。

5)据Andriasang报道,索尼电脑娱乐日本公司最近发布了一个基于网页的社交网络“Play Community”,将支持游戏玩家在此结交新友,创建群组,相互发送信息。

Play Community(from games)

Play Community(from games)

值得注意的是,用户还可以创建一个“My Page”,显示其他好友体验过的游戏,而微软最近更新Xbox网站时也推出了类似的功能。虽然Play Community功能目前仅针对日本用户开放,尚未登陆西方市场,但从索尼致力于推动PlayStation Vita在全球的“社交游戏革命”来看,Play Community进军西方市场应该也只是个时间早晚的问题。

6)在本周DAU增长最快的Facebook游戏榜单上,《Bubble Witch Saga》、《Diamond Dash》和《Bubble Island》分别位居前三名。

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

Top Gainers This Week-Games(from AppData)

街机游戏的ARPU值一向不被看好,其盈利机制更为复杂。例如,《Bubble Witch Saga》将玩家每天的生命限制在5次之内,玩家每输掉一个关卡,就会丢掉一条命,连续第四次丧命时,游戏界面就会弹出微交易对话框,让玩家购买虚拟商品以获得更多命值。观察者称,这种在玩家心理最为脆弱(仅有一命尚存)而且最不理性(在同一关卡连续失败4次)的情况下主动弹出的交易选项,可能比被动等玩家到游戏虚拟商店买东西的设置更有效果。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,拒绝任何不保留版权的转载,如需转载请联系:游戏邦

1)Yahoo Mobage Reaches 6 Million Users [Social Games]

by Dr. Serkan Toto

Yahoo Mobage, the PC-based social gaming platform on Yahoo Japan, has reached 6 million users. The joint venture was set up by Yahoo Japan and DeNA in October 2010.

It took Yahoo Mobage:

51 days to get to the first million members

53 more days to add another one million

another 61 days to reach 3 million users

and 73 days to get to 4 million players

DeNA didn’t say on which day exactly Yahoo Mobage reached 6 million users, but the 4 million mark was passed on May 17.

Assuming the 6th million player registered today, it took Yahoo Mobage 183 days to add 2 million users (meaning growth is slowing down).(source:serkantoto

2)Will Wright Reveals ‘Personal Gaming’ Project Hivemind

by Mike Rose

Stupid Fun Club founder Will Wright has revealed his next game, along with a new California-based start-up that will work on the title.

Hivemind is both the name of the new game and the name of the start-up, according to VentureBeat, and aims to create a new genre of games called “personal gaming.”

The idea is that the game will be designed to provide a personal experience to each individual player by taking into account aspects from the player’s real life.

Wright is looking to expand the idea and turn the Hivemind company into a large operation, with multiple apps available on mobile devices at the least.

“Rather than craft a game like FarmVille for players to learn and play, we learn about you and your routines and incorporate that into a form of game play,” he explained.

“It blurs entertainment, lifestyle, and personal tools. With that data, the world and the opportunities for entertainment within it become more visible to you.”

He continued, “If we can learn enough about the player, we can create games about their real life. How do we get you more engaged in reality rather than distract you from it?” (source:gamasutra

3)Turkey is the world’s most social country

by Tim Green

Turks send 173 friend requests per active user.

The social network Tagged studied the habits of 4m users in the world’s top-25 most populous countries.

It found Turkey was the ‘friendliest’ followed by Egypt (98 friend requests), France (75 friend requests), Italy (74 friend requests) and the US (70 friend requests).

Turkey also leads the ‘flirtatious’ pack, with its users sending 25 online virtual “winks” per active user.Meanwhile the UK has the most forward women, with each active user sending about ten requests to men. The others in the top five are US (nine requests), Philippines (seven requests), Brazil (six requests) and Thailand (five female-to-male requests).

Tagged has over 100 million members in 220 countries.(source:mobile-ent

4)Kabam Introduces Prepaid Game Cards At Best Buy, Gamestop

by Kyle Orland

Major social game developer Kabam has announced prepaid game currency cards for its titles are now available at Best Buy and GameStop in $25 and $50 denominations.

The cards can be redeemed for in-game currency in free-to-play Kabam titles including Kingdoms of Camelot, Dragons of Atlantis, The Godfather: Five Families, Edgeworld, Global Warfare, and Glory of Rome when played either through Facebook or directly through the Kabam web site.

The company notes that “core game players without access to credit cards or bank accounts” will now be able to buy microtransaction-based items and bonuses in these titles.

Social game leader Zynga began offering pre-paid game cards at U.S. retailers in early 2010, and has since expanded the offering to Latin America, the Middle East and Europe through various partnerships.

Facebook began offering pre-paid retail cards for its Credits virtual currency last September.

In May, analysis firm SuperData Research predicted the market for prepaid game cards would reach $495 million by 2014.(source:gamasutra

5)Sony shows off social savvy with Japanese PlayStation social network

by Joe Osborne

But we doubt it’s as fly as our mad alliteration skillz. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has revealed a web-based social network for its players. Andriasang reports that the new section of the Japanese PlayStation website is called “Play Community,” and it serves as a social network for fans. Players can make friends, form groups and send messages to others through the new PlayStation-centric social network.

Most importantly, however, is that users can seek out other players for game sessions and create a “My Page” with a list of the games they play. This all sounds vaguely familiar–wait, didn’t Microsoft just update its Xbox website with a social network of sorts? Why yes, yes it did. Just as Google+ and Facebook have started a duel when it comes to games, could it be that Sony and Microsoft have walked their paces?

It certainly seems that way. (Gentlemen, prepare your slapping gloves!) To jump start use of the new website, Sony has offered PlayStation Vita systems to three people–Japanese, we assume–who register with the network, make three friends and submit a comment to this blog post. Unfortunately, there’s no word of Play Community hitting Western shores. But considering Sony looks to take the “social gaming revolution” worldwide with the Vita, we can’t imagine this portion not following suit.(source:games)

6)Bubble Witch Saga, Diamond Dash Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

AJ Glasser

Bubble games have completely conquered the top three spots on this week’s list of the fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users. Bubble Witch Saga leads the pack with Diamond Dash and Bubble Island just behind.

Though casual arcade games have a bad reputation for low average revenue per user, it seems as though they’ve become more sophisticated in introducing monetization opportunities for players. For example, Bubble Witch Saga limits players to five lives per day and subtracts one for each time the player fails a level. If a player has failed a level four times in succession, a popup appears that reads something like “Stuck that level? Try this powerup!” with a transaction button just below the text. By turning up when the player is at their most vulnerable (one life away from halted gameplay) and likely their least rational (failing the same level four times), it may be that this powerup monetizes better in the popup than it does sitting passively in the game’s marketplace.(source:insidesocialgames