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1)新兴社交游戏开发工作室Row Sham Bow日前融资300万美元,其支持者为风险投资机构Intersouth Partners。该工作室位于佛罗里达州奥兰多,由总裁兼CEO菲利浦·霍尔特(Philip Holt,EA Triburon前副总裁及总经理)以及首席技术官尼克·冈萨雷斯(Nick Gonzalez,EA Tiburon前首席软件工程师、电子游戏技术公司Massive前首席技术官)在今年初创办。据报道,该工作室充满战略雄心,目前已在佛罗里达州挂出了60个“高薪”招聘岗位。



2)Atakama Lab工作室推出的城市建设游戏《Little Cave Hero》以复古的8位美术风格,以及幽默的任务文本而引起关注,该游戏于今年4月14日在Facebook发布。


little cave hero

little cave hero

3)社交游戏开发商Zynga日前再度向手机游戏领域出手,宣布将iPhone开源开发工具cocos2d的两名关键开发者Ricardo Quesada和Rolando Abarca收入囊中。这是Zynga在最近12个月中的第13笔收购交易。cocos2d这项技术已被Atari、Gamevil和Zynga等全球多家知名开发公司所采用。Quesada和Abarca加入Zynga团队后将从事移动产品开发,并继续支持cocos2d技术的发展。

Zynga还收购了这两者开发的Sapus Media这个手机游戏开发技术平台的部分资产,不过并没有收购后者的社群网站,该网站仍将由Ricardo和其他cocos2d管理员独立运作。

4)电子游戏资讯网站Destructoid最近与Playhem联手推出了游戏化网站——新型社交游戏服务Fight平台,Destructoid读者在Fight平台注册过后,就可与自己在《使命召唤》等游戏中的好友参与定制化的赢取忠实积分和虚拟货币的竞赛。玩家在该平台还可与好友聊天,Fight将向通过参与《星际争霸 2》、EA Sports等游戏积累足够忠诚积分的玩家提供相关奖励。

destructoid fight

destructoid fight

5)据venturebeat报道,动视暴雪近日宣布面向中国用户推出在线游戏《使命召唤》,该游戏将采用免费模式(游戏邦注:目前仅限中国用户),并称将创建“最高级的数字平台”以支持游戏运营。动视高管Eric Hirshberg表示,游戏如果要在海外市场获得成功,就得根据当地文化进行调整。由于中国玩家已习惯免费体验游戏,付费购买道具的商业模式,所以他们针对中国地区推出了这一新版游戏。该公司将在未来数周内公布针对西方用户游戏版本的更多细节。

top gainers this week-games

top gainers this week-games

6)本周MAU增长最为明显的社交游戏榜单与上周变化不大,值得注意的是《Gourmet Ranch》在今年1月份首次跻身这份榜单后,最近终于上升到了第三名。其他进入前五名的社交游戏分别是仍居于榜首的《Gardens of Time》以及《Zombie Land》、《Diamond Dash》和《Bubble Saga》。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

1)Gaming Industry Vets Raise $3 Million For New Social Games Development Studio

Row Sham Bow, a new game development studio founded by gaming industry veterans and focused on creating games for social networks and direct-to-consumer platforms, has raised $3 million in funding from early-stage VC firm Intersouth Partners.

John Glushik of Intersouth Partners will join the company’s board of directors.

Founded earlier this year by president & CEO Philip Holt (former VP and GM of EA Tiburon) and CTO Nick Gonzalez (former Chief Software Architect at EA Tiburon and former CTO of video game technology company Massive), Row Sham Bow is based in Orlando, Florida.

EA Sports Madden 12 Creative Director Ian Cummings and CTO Richard Wifall have also joined Row Sham Bow in similar roles, we’ve gathered.

Also involved are Christopher Staymates, former software engineer at Livewire and EA Tiburon, and Jeremy Paulding, former Technical Director at Electronic Arts.

Row Sham Bow is certainly ambitious – the startup plans to create 60 “high-wage” jobs in Central Florida according to a Orlando Business Journal report.(source:techcrunch

2)Little Cave Hero Looks for Niche Gamers and a Good Laugh With Retro 8-Bit Style

Atakama Labs’ Little Cave Hero is a city building game that stands out on Facebook with a retro 8-bit art style and humorous quest text. The game launched April 14 after a short beta period, which began March 24.

One of the most interesting features Little Cave Hero offers players is a design studio where players can customize their own 8-bit decorations, or design them from templates. Only two “custom” items can be saved to a player’s game at one time, but the player may build as many of the custom decorations in their village as they like without having to spend in-game currency on the construction.

So far the design studio doesn’t feature any monetization. Little Cave Hero monetizes by selling a premium in-game currency, crowns. Crowns buy equipment that also can be produced in game, single use “super” equipment for clearing out rocks in caves as well as additional energy packs, resources for building and production as well as decorative items.(source:insidesocialgames

3)Zynga Acqhires Contributors To iPhone Games Framework Cocos2D

Zynga has made yet another ‘acqhire’ today. The company is announcing that Ricardo Quesada and Rolando Abarca, key contributors to the cocos2d for iPhone open source project, are joining the gaming giant. This is Zynga’s 13th announced acquisition in 12 months

The cocos2d for iPhone open source project is widely used by developers globally, including large players like Atari, ngmoco, Gamevil and Zynga, in the development of leading mobile games for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Abarca and Quesada, who will be working on Zynga’s mobile products, will continue to support and contribute to cocos2d for iPhone while in their new roles at Zynga.

Zynga has also acquired certain assets of Sapus Media, a platform developed by Abarca and Quesada that provide professional tools for mobile game developers.

The company says that games and applications will continue to operate on cocos2d for iPhone and it is not acquiring the community site,, which will continue to be managed separately by Ricardo and the other cocos2d administrators.(source:techcrunch

4)Destructoid and Playhem launch Fight, get game news while you game

Gamification is the new ‘it’ thing to do for everything from coffee shops to chic boutiques. But what would happen when a video game news site like Destructoid launched its own gamification

platform? Could legit gaming options from a gaming news site be too much for gamers to game? Who knows, but we’re about to find out as Destructoid and Playhem have teamed up to bring the publication’s readers Fight, a new social (in the actual sense) gaming service. Now social games haven’t inspired just marketers and advertisers, but gaming news communities–how meta.

Once Destructoid readers sign up for Fight, they can connect with fellow fans through games they already own like Street Fighter 4 and Call of Duty in custom-built tournaments for cash and loyalty rewards points. Players can chat with their friends using the platform, and prizes are available to those who have earned enough loyalty rewards points through participating in and betting on tournaments in several other games including StarCraft 2, Marvel vs. Capcom and the roster of EA Sports games.(source:games

5)Activision Blizzard announced a new Call of Duty online game today specifically for the Chinese market. The release will be a micro-transaction based online game that is free-to-play but will require small amounts of real money for virtual goods. This will be the first time the company has offered this type of game in Asian markets. (source:slashgear

6)Gourmet Ranch Cooks Up Some Growth On This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Not much movement over the last week in the top slots of this week’s list of fastest-growing games by monthly active users, but we are impressed by Gourmet Ranch’s steady climb up the rankings to number three after first debuting on the list in February of this year. Gardens of Time, meanwhile, continues its reign in the number one spot with Zombie Land, Diamond Dash, and Bubble Saga rounding out the top five.(source: insidesocialgames