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use google location

use google location




3)MMO游戏开发商Aeria Games最近宣布将于今年6月推出手机版游戏。目前该公司正寻找手机应用开发商合作伙伴,以便将其免费体验的MMO游戏移植到手机平台。该公司CEO Lan Hoang表示他们将利用现有的资源优势,为其玩家提供手机游戏体验。不过该公司并未透露将首先登陆哪个手机平台,也未指明具体将移植哪款MMO游戏。

Good Technology survey

Good Technology Survey

4)据企业移动设备管理服务供应商Good Technology最新调查显示,最受企业用户欢迎的移动设备仍是苹果iOS产品(游戏邦注:该调查的受访者是来自财富100强中的40家企业用户)。由于iPad 2以及威瑞森iPhone 4出击市场,再加上AT&T的iPhone 3GS降价,iOS新设备在1月1日至3月31日期间的激活量接近70%。而Android新设备在同一时期的激活量总体下降了30%,其智能手机激活量占整个智能手机市场的40%。Good预测,Android设备激活量未来有可能超过iOS产品,但2011年第一季度的赢家仍是iOS产品。



5)Playdom联合创始人Rick Thompson的新公司Idle Games宣布将于6月份推出首款游戏《IdleWorship》。玩家在游戏中将扮演守护原始小岛部落Mudings。与多数Facebook游戏一样,玩家可以自由创造建筑和装饰物。玩家可随心所欲地向岛上的原住民发号施令,并使用游戏虚拟货币Belief为游戏增添内容。在这款游戏中,玩家的好友和陌生人会出现在周围,按照“物以类聚,人以群分”的原则,爱神的邻居是更加高贵的神灵,而怒神附近则是其他邪恶的神灵。

top gainers this week

top gainers this week

6)据AppData数据显示,在本周MAU发展最快的前20名游戏中(游戏邦注:这里指MAU在100万以下的游戏),博彩类游戏的增势较为明显。虽然角色扮演游戏在本周的Facebook新晋游戏榜单中失势,但以好莱坞为题材的RPG游戏《Fame Town》却是个例外,目前是该榜单冠军。而由THQ公司出品的《UFC Undisputed: Fight Nation》的正式登台时间虽然才一周却也表现不俗,是本周榜单的第三名。虽然FBI(美国联邦调查局)在上周五取缔了三个最大的在线博彩网站,但从这份榜单中我们可以看出,Facebook扑克和博彩社交游戏却并没有因此受到明显的影响。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

1)Google Responds To Smartphone Location Tracking Uproar, Says Android Is Opt-In

Over the last few days there’s been quite a hubbub over the location tracking going on in the background on iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPad 3G. The report that sparked it all focused on a database file stored on iOS devices that stores a record of the rough location of the device over long periods of time — and is unencrypted. Senator Al Franken subsequently sent a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking for an explanation.

Then, last night the Wall Street Journal published an article with a new revelation: Apple and Google (with its Android devices) are both sending some location data from these devices back to their home servers. That sounds pretty sinister, but as a long-time Android user it didn’t ring true to me — I vividly remembered a checkbox that asked if I wanted to allow Google to collect anonymized data, which means it isn’t really a secret, and you can opt-out of it. Unsurprisingly, Google confirms that this is indeed the case.

Here’s their statement:

“All location sharing on Android is opt-in by the user. We provide users with notice and control over the collection, sharing and use of location in order to provide a better mobile experience on Android devices. Any location data that is sent back to Google location servers is anonymized and is not tied or traceable to a specific user.”

But, even then, the WSJ article also refers to data that isn’t actually being anonymized by Google:

Google previously has said that the Wi-Fi data it collects is anonymous and that it deletes the start and end points of every trip that it uses in its traffic maps.

However, the data, provided to the Journal exclusively by Mr. Kamkar, contained a unique identifier tied to an individual’s phone.

Google explains that when a phone transmits data back to its servers some location data is actually assigned a unique identification number, but it says that this number is in no way associated with the device’s IMEI, the user’s name, or other information. In other words, they’d have a hard time associating a user with that data.(source:techcrunch

2)Facebook Friending Gets Easier On IPhone And Android

Facebook has released updates to for the Android and iPhone make it easier to find friends.

The apps use email addresses in the phone’s contacts to search for potential friends who are on Facebook and then presents them to you in a list. In the list you see the person’s profile picture, name, and email address, with an add button that you can tap to send them a friend request. Any contacts that are not already on Facebook are then presented in a list with an Invite button, which creates an email to them inviting them to join Facebook.

The process for finding friends is more obvious in the Android version of Facebook than the iPhone. The update to the Android version of the Facebook app also includes the ability to tag friends in status updates. To tag a friend enter the @ symbol, then start typing your friend’s name.(source:allfacebook

3)If you enjoy some of the games that Aeria Games offers up from their free-to-play MMO portal, then you might enjoy what they have cooking up to appear on mobile phones and devices beginning this June.

Aeria is currently working with and seeking out additional developers to help with mobile apps that continue the trend of free-to-play MMO gaming.CEO Lan Hoang commented in the press release, saying…

For mobile game developers, we add value by cross-selling mobile games to our large, dedicated community of gamers and by leveraging our expertise and focus on the multi-player experience,” said Hoang.”

The company has yet to see specifically which platforms within the mobile arena the new games will be appearing on or exactly what kind of games they will be, but we’ll keep you posted as more news emerges regarding Aeria Games venture into the mobile gaming. (source:cinemablend

4)Good Technology, an enterprise mobility device management vendor, put out a quarterly data report today showing what devices have been most popular at the enterprise level over the past four months. The survey results were gathered from thousands of customers including 40 of the Fortune 100.

Topping the popularity scale at the enterprise level are Apple’s iOS products. Thanks to the recent launch of the iPad 2 and the Verizon iPhone 4 along with the price drop of AT&T’s iPhone 3GS, Apple products performed extremely well, representing just under 70 percent of all new activations from January 1 to March 31, 2011.

Android devices saw an overall decline of 30 percent among new activations, but represented 40 percent of all smartphone activations. Good predicts that Android will overtake iOS devices in the long haul, but notes that this quarter was a definite win for Apple. (source:slashgear

5)Playdom co-founder to launch divine Facebook game, IdleWorship

If you hadn’t noticed, your FarmVilles and CityVilles are variations on the age-old “god games” of the 1990s like Sim City, Black and White and Civilization. Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson, with his new company Idle Games, is throwing his hat into the ring of god games on Facebook with IdleWorship, its first game set to lunch this June. According to Inside Social Games, the game puts players directly into the role of a god, overseeing the lives of Mudlings, a primitive island community.

Players will be able to create not just buildings and decorations like in most Facebook games, but introduce nature and wildlife into the world. Also, it’s up to you, the god, on whether you’ll treat your people with grace or ruthless oppression. And whether your a benevolent or begrudging god will affect your people’s perception of you and their Belief. Most of the things you introduce to your people will rely on their Belief, the main currency in IdleWorship.

IdleWorship plans to evolve social interaction beyond the friends bar beneath most social games, Inside Social Games reports. Instead, friends and strangers alike will appear nearby, within the game, in a vast ocean of islands controlled by players. However, players’ surrounding islands will be populated with gods of similar outlooks–loving gods will be surrounded by more graceful gods while angry gods will have their oceans populated with other evil deities.

It sounds like IdleWorship is about to bring automatic weapons a social gaming arena of swords and arrows, throwing the top developers like Zynga for a spin. However, whether the general audience is ready for such a game won’t be seen for months to come. If you’re interested in playing right now, you can sign up to become a beta tester right here.(source:games

6)Gambling Games Show Some Growth On This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Role-playing games lost some ground in our list of top 20 emerging games on Facebook, but Hollywood industry RPG FameTown was able to grab the top spot. Going farther down the list, we’re pleasantly surprised to see THQ’s UFC Undisputed: Fight Nation clawing its way up to number three only a week after its official launch. Give our ongoing interest in brand integration with social games, UFC Undisputed is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks. Other than that, we see a healthy smattering of gambling-themed games covering everything from slots to poker. Much as we’d like to draw a correlation to the FBI crackdown on the three largest online poker websites last Friday to the apparent growth in this genre, most established poker and gambling social games saw no discernible impact in the seven days following the shutdowns.(source:insidesocialgames