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用户讨论Facebook游戏《My Empire》人气下滑原因

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《My Empire》是Playfish开发的一款Facebook游戏,但最近表现却不尽如人意。据AllFacebook数据显示,《My Empire》的月活跃用户已经从1月15日的140万降至2月14日的110万。这一下滑令大多数人感到意外,也让社交游戏领域颇为困惑。但事情上,EA自2009年11月份收购Playfish后,它在社交游戏领域中的表现一直很出众,目前以3630万的月活跃用户排名第六。既然EA表现得如此出色,为何《My Empire》却没有因此而沾光呢?



上述问题来自于Quora(基于问答的数据库服务),也得到了一些用户的回应。《My Empire》与《CityVille》,《FarmVille》和《FrontierVille》类似,都是要求玩家不断进行建设的游戏类型。但唯独《My Empire》缺乏数量可观的用户。原因何在?从Quora上的回应,你会发现一些有趣的答案。


游戏邦获悉还有人声称,《My Empire》之所以失败,是因为它是Playfish中国工作室开发的,因为当地制作成本较低,开发者的薪水也比较少,最终就影响了游戏质量。这个理由看起来似乎很充分,但游戏邦认为这种说法欠妥,因为不少人都玩过小型开发商推出的社交游戏,也体验过比大型游戏更好玩的普通游戏。低工资开发者创造的游戏并非就是缺乏实质内容的游戏。


《FarmVille》是其中最成功的游戏之一,由于它吸引了无数的用户,所以今后只要是Zynga开发的游戏都会得到用户的热情反应。但这对其他开放商来说就很不幸,因为这意味着超越同一类型竞争者的难度加大了。《My Empire》会走下坡路,并非游戏本身不够优秀,只能说市场上更好的游戏太多了。再看看《CityVille》,该游戏在去年12月份和今年1月份大受欢迎,许多《MyEmpire》玩家受到Zynga宣传攻势的影响,纷纷转向《CityVille》。探讨一个游戏失败原因,关键在于要把所有可能的影响因素考虑在内,否则就可能得出错误的结论。(本文为游戏邦/gamerboom.com编译,转载请注明来源:游戏邦)

Why Is EA’s My Empire Facebook Game Losing Traffic?

My Empire, a Facebook game developed by Playfish, seems to not being too well. According to, My Empire went from 1.4 million monthly active users on January 15th to 1.1 million on February 14th. The decline, a shocker to most, has the social gaming community baffled. Electronic Arts, the development company that aquired Playfish back in November of 2009, is doing well compared to other developers: it is ranked sixth with 36.3 million monthly active users. If EA is doing so well, why is it that My Empire is not?

The above question, asked on Quora (a question based database), deserves some analysis. My Empire‘s concept is relatively similar to that of CityVille, FarmVille and FrontierVille — build, build and build. However, My Empire falls short of the other games like it on the market. Why is that so? If you were to review the responses on Quora, you would find a few interesting answers.

One individual blames Playfish for their lack of, “focus and drive toward massive profitability.” He then goes on to explain that Playfish games have themes that are constantly better than its competitors, but for some reason lacks the ability to pull the trigger. This reasoning, interesting in itself, makes sense. Zynga, a gaming development company that is leading the market with games in My Empire’s genre, focuses more on the profitability of games. Marketing within a game is a strategy that Zynga has down solid, unlike Playfish.

Another respondent claims that My Empire’s failure has to do with it being created by Playfish China. His reasoning for My Empire‘s fall was the lower production costs in the region, which in return produces lower salaries. Even though this answer may seem valid, I tend to disagree. I have played social games by small developers, and I have played games that I enjoyed more than larger titles on the market.  Just because a game was created by individuals with lower salaries, does not mean that a game will be lacking in substance.

My opinion is that social games need to be social. If your friends aren’t getting involved in a particular game, you’re not going to either. Zynga games tend to have a larger following because of their name. FarmVille was a major success for them, and since it attracted millions upon millions of users, any game that Zynga puts out will  receive the same type of response. Unfortunately, for other development companies, this is the type of competition out there. My Empire fell not because it wasn’t a good game, but because there were better games out there. Another thing to take into consideration is CityVille. CityVille was increasingly popular in late December, as well as in January. Gamers who may have been interested in MyEmpire, went to CityVille instead because of all of the hype. When looking at the failure of particular games, it is important that we look at all of the possibilities. Without looking at the big picture, we will lead ourselves to results that may not be true.(Source:SocialTimes)